Some substances require several months to create an addiction. Heroin, a truly insidious drug, can become addictive in just a matter of weeks. By the time the body and mind develop an unhealthy need and/or desire for it, any attempts to stop using are going to be fraught with danger. If you have decided to fight back against your heroin addiction, you would be best served to understand you are facing the prospects of a heroin detox process.

The Dangers of Withdrawal

Medical staff talking to client about heroin detox program.If handled properly, the heroin detox process is manageable with a minimum of possible issues. Some of the possible withdrawal symptoms you might face when you stop using seem scary. A mere mention of these symptoms should be enough to convince you about the importance of a heroin detox process.

In the initial stages of withdrawal, you will face symptoms like cravings, stomach cramps, restlessness and perhaps a little moodiness. By the end of the first day, the body will begin to punish you for not giving it what it needs. The symptoms graduate to things like a fever, chills, a runny nose, diarrhea, vomiting and muscle cramping. At its worst, withdrawal symptoms can become life-threatening. This would include cardiovascular problems, hallucinations, and convulsions.

Given the possible dangers of heroin withdrawal, you should not try to stop “cold turkey.” The risks are significant and often very painful. A detox process with an accredited facility will always be your best choice.

About Heroin Detox

When trying to withdrawal from the abuse of other drugs, there is a possibility you can detox by securing prescriptions drugs intended to help ease some of the discomfort associated with withdrawal symptoms. Medical staff at a detox facility will monitor withdrawal symptoms and use medications if necessary. In less dangerous cases, it could even be done at home.

Given the serious nature of heroin addiction, there’s very little chance you will be able to avoid a medically monitored detox process. As the withdrawal symptoms progress, it’s much safer for medical staff to be on hand to make sure nothing goes terribly wrong. When encountering patients or clients with a deep-rooted addiction that has gone on for months and maybe years, the medical staff may elect to use tapering drugs. These types of drugs are designed to allow the patient’s body to slowly adjust to the absence of the heroin. A slow reckoning is often the safest approach to a heroin detox.

Heroin Detox at Serenity House Detox

Serenity House Detox, a quality detox organization, has facilities located in Florida and Houston, Texas. Our facility in Houston provides a full range of detox services, covering addictions to most any substances. After a proper assessment, patients are assigned to a specific detox program that includes individualized care.

The current detox center services being offered include:

  • A Houston alcohol detox program
  • A Houston drug detox program
  • A men’s detox program
  • A women’s detox program
  • A medically monitored detox program targeted towards heroin and opiate abuse

During the detox process, patients receive counseling. It’s during this time that the counselors and/or clinicians might refer a patient to a particular rehab facility. You will want to check into a facility that addresses your specific addiction and circumstance. At all times, the objective is to get patients safely through any withdrawal issues on the way to receiving treatment.

If you have been battling heroin addiction for a long period of time, time is running out and you need to start thinking about quitting. If you are concerned about the possible heroin withdrawal symptoms, Serenity House Detox in Houston can safely get you through the detox process. The first step has to be yours. That first step could be you picking up the phone and asking us for help by dialing 866-516-8356.