Doctor and patient discussing treatment at a detox facility.Many people who struggle with drug abuse and addiction don’t know how to find the right detox program. Sometimes the challenge keeps them from seeking help altogether even though they know they need it. However, there are numerous successful treatment centers that cater to individual needs. All they need is guidance about the traits that make a detox facility great.

What Makes a Detox Facility the Best

Many factors affect people when it comes to drug abuse and addiction. Some of these include biology and genes, drug and family history, and the dose and duration of drug use. A detox facility must address all of these elements to provide effective treatment. The best places have certain traits that allow them to achieve high success rates.

Accreditation and Credentials

One way to tell whether or not a detox center provides quality care is to check its accreditation and credentials. These are usually available on its website, and you can usually cross-check the information with the appropriate agency.

The Joint Commission, for example, is an independent organization that accredits and certifies health care programs around the world. This accreditation demonstrates a detox facility’s dedication to meeting or exceeding performance and care standards.

Going to a detox center that doesn’t have accreditation could be risky if the staff doesn’t adhere to ethical standards. The same is true for putting trust in a care provider who doesn’t have the proper credentials for addiction treatment. It would be like going to a general doctor for a dental exam. The general doctor simply doesn’t have the training or experience to perform dental work.

Program Options and Custom Treatment

Since many factors affect people who use drugs, treatment centers need a variety of programs and services. It’s important to choose places that provide treatment for the types of drugs used.

Also, they need to make sure that the chosen detox facility creates a custom treatment plan based on their needs. Getting a personal plan ensures that the treatment addresses their specific medical, mental and social, as well as addiction problems.

Detox centers should also combine standard and holistic care methods. Talk therapy is a standard service that everyone needs during treatment. Some people also need medication to manage withdrawal symptoms.

However, holistic care such as massage, meditation, and yoga are necessary to balance the body, mind, and spirit. This approach treats the whole person and lays a solid foundation for more in-depth counseling in rehab.

Clean, Peaceful and Safe Environment

The best detox facilities also ensure that their environments are clean, peaceful and safe. People with drug problems need a pleasant place to de-stress and clear their minds to focus on healing.

It’s important for the detox staff to respect patients. The staff should show compassion and act as professionals in all situations.

Budget and Payment Options

A good detox facility offers affordable care for most family budgets. Paying for treatment is one of the biggest concerns among people who need addiction help. The belief that it’s unaffordable is enough to prevent some people from getting treatment.

However, different levels of care vary in cost. Inpatient treatment, for example, is more expensive than outpatient care. Despite this, many people can still afford inpatient programs when they finance the bill. All they need to do is look for treatment facilities that offer payment plans themselves or through third parties.

People who need help shouldn’t rule out their health insurance policy either. In most cases, insurers cover at least part of addiction treatment. Patients can contact their provider to learn more about the services that their policies cover or the detox facility for insurance verification.

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