How do you find the best rehab center for opiate addiction TX? Moreover, how do you overcome an addiction to this group of substances in the first place? Examples include opiates as well as opioids. Your detox and rehab questions answered.

What Characterizes the Best Rehab Center for Opiate Addiction in TX?

Woman knows shes at the best rehab center for opiate addiction in TXTherapists customize a treatment approach to meet your needs. It starts with the delivery of therapies. You might choose from residential drug rehab, a partial hospitalization program, and outpatient stays. If you select an inpatient treatment, consider whether you can go through the process in a 30-day span.

The best rehab center for opiate addiction will offer an extended care option. In this scenario, you might take up to 90 days for healing. For someone with a long addiction history, this structure may work best. It lets you go through the therapies at a slower pace.

Examples of possible therapies include psychotherapy and behavioral therapies. Both try to help you find ways around dysfunctional patterns. The goal is to get you started on living a sober lifestyle at the facility. From there, it’s easier to move on to independent living.

The best rehab center for opiate addiction in TX should also emphasize the need for aftercare. Examples include alumni meetings and 12 step program attendance. The best rehab center for opiate addiction might also offer access to a transitional living facility. There, you live with roommates and share household responsibilities.

Because there’s still some supervision, you have a safety net. If you realize that you need additional help, your therapist is a call away. Within the next 18 months, most program participants feel ready to live independently. However, before you can look for the best rehab center for opiate addiction in TX, you need an opiate detox.

Detoxification Breaks the Physical Addiction to Drugs or Alcohol

Even the best rehab center for opiate addiction will tell you to detox before checking in. Therapists there recognize that you need to break the physiological dependency first. Until you can convince your body that it doesn’t need a drug to survive, you can’t focus on rehab. Detoxification is a relatively short portion of the recovery process.

Typically, it only lasts about five to seven days. Case in point is the heroin withdrawal timeline. Depending on your drug abuse history, you start to feel withdrawal symptoms after about eight to 12 hours. The next one to three days can be tough.

You’ll be dealing with gastrointestinal upset, muscle cramps, and nausea. You alternatively sweat and freeze. Depression and anxiety can increase. But experts at the facility help you make it through this week.

Examples of therapeutic approaches include:

  • Medical monitoring, which ensures that severe spikes in the heart rate don’t harm you
  • Medication management that keeps you comfortable and pain-free
  • Talk therapy, which helps you to talk through your plans for lasting sobriety
  • Holistic care, which may include chiropractic treatments for added healing
  • Meditation therapy as a means of overcoming stress and triggers

Moreover, therapists will assess you for an underlying mental health disorder. A dual diagnosis, which refers to the presence of addiction and psychiatric disorders, is common. Discuss this when you talk to an intake counselor at the best rehab center for opiate addiction. A therapist will help you with managing the condition during that part of treatment.

Finding a Good-Quality Detox Center

Before signing up for the best rehab center for opiate addiction in TX, choosing the best detox is vital. A hallmark of excellent care is the complete individualization of your stay. It starts with gender-specific care and continues with a safe residential detox program. When you’re ready to quit using, you don’t want to spend days trying to figure out where to go. At Serenity House Detox in Houston, you deal with knowledgeable professionals who care about your health. The facility underwent the accreditation process of the Joint Commission. It features evidence-based and holistic treatments. Call 866.516.8356 today to talk to an addiction specialist about how to proceed with your sobriety.