Drug detox involves letting your body rid itself of the toxins that drugs leave behind. During this process, however, the body also goes through withdrawal. The symptoms can be uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous. A drug detox center can make the process easier and safer so that you can get sober.

What Is a Detox Center?Young woman sitting in dark heading for a detox center

A detox center is a medical facility that specializes in guiding you through withdrawal. Its purpose is to treat your withdrawal symptoms and prepare you for a rehab program afterward. It’s only your first stop in a full addiction recovery program.

A detox facility can offer a range of services, including short-term care and therapy. However, not all of them offer a comprehensive selection of therapy services. Some of them only offer one-on-one and group therapy sessions. In most cases, they use the cognitive behavioral therapy technique since it has the highest success rate.

In addition, detox centers provide advice and guidance to help you overcome cravings. At the end of a detox program, they may offer rehab center referrals for continued treatment.

The Drug Addiction Detox Process

You might have the same addiction as many other people, but no two people have the exact same experience. Because of that, your detox center can’t use a cookie-cutter program for your treatment. It has to customize its program to address your unique problems.

To achieve that, your treatment center has to give you a full assessment. The exam may include lab work and psychological tests. The staff will also ask about your drug history. Then, the doctors can predict the symptoms that you’ll have and prescribe any medication you may need.

Going through detox and withdrawal is the next part of the process. The doctors and nurses will monitor your condition to prevent complications that could harm you. They can also adjust your treatment plan according to your progress or any problems that arise.

When you become stable, the staff will begin to prepare you for rehab. Most people with addiction experience therapy for the first time in rehab. Your detox facility will introduce you to therapy so that you know what to expect.

How Long Does Detox Take?

Since your treatment plan is different from other people with addiction, there’s no set timeline for your detox. The withdrawal symptoms that each drug causes also differ. These and other factors can affect how long it takes for you to detox. For example, your age, health, and weight all impact the duration.

In general, however, detox can range from 3 days to 30 days. Despite that, some mental symptoms can linger for months afterward.

How to Find a Quality Treatment Center

An important element to look for in a quality detox center is accreditation. Having such credentials shows you that the facility upholds the industry standards for care. It’s also a good indication that the doctors and nurses have proper licensing and training.

Another essential element your treatment center needs is a program that treats your specific addiction. Not all facilities have the resources to treat addictions to all drugs. Some centers may specialize in drug detox or rehab for specific substances like alcohol and heroin.

The facility that you choose also needs to meet your preferences. Taking virtual tours of multiple facilities can help you determine where you’ll be most comfortable. There are several other elements that you should check before you enroll in a detox program, such as:

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