Medical personnel talking with client about drug and alcohol detox.There are no two ways about it. If drugs or alcohol abuse are in your life, whether you are using or watching a loved one deteriorate, you know something has to change. Alcohol and drug addiction are diseases and it takes a medical game plan and addiction professionals to get well. Drug and alcohol use, abuse and addiction are rampant in the United States. The difficulty with getting well is knowing where to turn during this confusing time. Drug and alcohol detox is the first piece of the puzzle.

It takes a moment of clarity for someone to see that the way to attack drug and alcohol addiction is head on. A drug and alcohol detox can make the difference between dying of the disease or living and getting well. We know how to help you or your family regain control of life by providing addiction treatment programs aimed at long-term sobriety.

Understand the Necessity of Drug and Alcohol Detox

Maybe you have questions about how and why addiction occurs or what past trauma lead to the addiction you are dealing with. We know that it is difficult to comprehend why people sacrifice important parts of their lives in order to drink or use drugs. Once addiction takes over, life has no meaning except when connected to the drug of choice. Serenity House Detox understands the seriousness of addiction and can answer your questions and show you how detox is the most important part of getting to the end of addiction and the beginning of a new life.

There are many addictive substances out there. Alcohol and many drugs that cause chaos in the lives of those who are addicted require a drastic change to get well. That drastic change is drug and alcohol detox. In order to recover, withdrawal from substances is necessary. Detox is the only safe way to get through withdrawal symptoms and we are the experts. We understand addiction. We want to help you deal with all the nuances of addiction–withdrawal, detox, treatment, therapy, relapse.

Why Turn to a Drug and Alcohol Detox in Houston

So, the first step in getting well is going through a detox program. Not only does a person become mentally dependent on a substance because the brain craves it, but there’s a physical dependency, too. Without the help of a drug and alcohol detox, withdrawal symptoms can be very uncomfortable and dangerous. Many people relapse because they can’t handle those symptoms, so they return to their substance of choice. We can prevent that. We will work with you and your loved one to find the cause, build a foundation of recovery, dig into the trauma that may have led to addiction and start you on a recovery path that can give you the greatest chance of a better, happier life.

Start Your Drug-Free Life Over

At an accredited drug and alcohol detox in Houston, clients are given the care and support they need to recover. With medical supervision, a person will have decreased symptoms of withdrawal to make the process as easy as possible. A qualified facility will not only help you with detox but educate you on the complex issues regarding addiction, detox, and recovery, such as:

Building a Foundation at a Drug and Alcohol Detox

Serenity House Detox is a fully accredited detox center serving many types of people from all over the country. We have a caring staff here to help you or your loved one through the initial stages of recovery. Recovery from addiction is an ongoing journey, so we want to teach you strategies to help you stay sober once you leave. We’ll also provide you with resources to continue your treatment and growth as well. You are ready to make a change. Call 866-516-8356.

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