If you’ve fallen victim to painkiller abuse or an alcohol use disorder, addiction recovery is the solution. But what does this mean? How do you tackle a problem that you’ve tried to hide, handle, and deal with for months or even years? Your questions – answered!

How Do You Eat an Elephant?

Medical professional talking to woman about her addiction recoveryThe answer to this query is one you probably already know: one bite at a time. The same is true for addiction recovery. Although a drug or alcohol problem can seem like an insurmountable crisis, you can overcome it. You do it one step at a time, with the first one being a medically supervised detoxification.

Addiction Recovery Starts with Detox

If movies have put you on edge when someone mentions detox, you’re not alone. Plenty of film directors sought to capture the seedy underbelly of Drug City, USA. Instead, they’ve succeeded in scaring away people in desperate need of help. Detoxification processes at well-run facilities are nothing like what you see in the movies.

Your detox takes place in a comfortable setting. There’s none of the clinical sterility that a hospital brings to the table. Instead, you spend a week with friendly therapists who help your body to withdraw from the drug that enslaves you.

  • Initial assessment. A welcoming intake counselor talks with you about your needs. At that time, you disclose the type of drug you use and your typical dosage. Inform the staff of any medical conditions you have. If you require regular medications, please be sure to mention it at the assessment.
  • Individualized treatment plan. Based on the information you provide, a seasoned drug rehab expert puts together a personalized treatment plan for you. This practice ensures that you receive the care that is right uniquely for you. A one-size-fits-all approach is not a good option.
  • Evidence-based methods. Detoxification in a medically supervised environment draws from the latest scientific discoveries and advances. The therapies and medications in use may be different even from those that were popular a few short years ago. Doing so makes certain that you receive the best care to prepare you for rehab.
  • Physical and psychological assistance. The primary objective of detoxification is the removal of physical dependence on a drug or alcohol. That said, the process also has a psychological side that therapists don’t neglect. During your time in detox, they lay the groundwork for future success in rehab, which breaks the mental drug dependence.

Working with the Client’s Needs in Mind

To put clients on the path to a long-term recovery, experts offer a variety of programs. Cases in point are the men and women’s individualized detox settings. Gender-responsive treatment is a significant advance in addiction recovery science. It sets the tone for an approach that speaks to the core needs of someone struggling with drug dependence.

The medical supervision helps keep you safe and comfortable. Although it is true that the withdrawal process from a drug or alcohol is bumpy, there’s no need to suffer. The use of medications that alleviate discomfort is a common practice. Medical monitoring ensures that your vitals remain steady and your body safely eliminates the drug toxins.

Other programs focus on redirecting your thoughts. Detox doesn’t mean that you sit in a bed and wait to tough out the withdrawal symptoms. Instead, it means that you work with a group of caring therapists to help you get to the “why” of your addiction. During one-on-one therapy sessions, you get the help you need to stay motivated to continue your recovery.

Breakthrough Therapies Better Your Odds of Success

Chiropractic care is not new. But scientific breakthroughs led to the discovery of a direct relationship between spinal misalignments and combating drug cravings. By offering the treatment during your detox, the flow of neurotransmitters gets a boost. This helps you fight against the drug cravings.

Another therapy introduces meditation. The process of quieting the mind helps someone struggling with an addiction to focus on achieving inner peace. The latter is, of course, one thing missing from an addiction lifestyle.

Take the First Step toward Lifelong Sobriety Today

Your addiction recovery starts with detox. It readies you for more extensive substance abuse treatment, which is the road that leads to recovery. Make today the day that you dial 866-516-8356 to reach the caring professionals at Serenity House Detox!