Female counselor and patient discussing the recovery options available.Before entering a treatment program, you should know all of your recovery options and which will help the most. There are various levels of care, and seeing all of the acronyms can start to get confusing for most people. Don’t worry because Serenity House Detox is here to help you understand what they all mean and which is right for you. Here are some of the different levels of care that you may be seeing while looking for treatment.

  • Detox
  • Inpatient or residential
  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)
  • Sober Living

The Importance of Understanding Recovery Options

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to jump into a treatment program without knowing which is the right option for you. Going into the wrong level of care can hinder your recovery and possibly worsen your addiction. Aside from not understanding the treatment options, some people think they don’t need certain levels of care. We’re here to help you understand why each level of care and the transition to each level is important.

It’s scientifically proven that when you transition from the highest level of care to the lowest, you have the best chance of recovery. A big mistake people make aside from going to the wrong level of care is discharging too soon. For example, going from detox back to normal living can be too much too soon and lead to relapse.

Many recovery options work with health insurance as well, so you should use as many of your benefits as possible.

Serenity House Detox Services

Serenity House Detox is a facility that helps you get the first building blocks for your long-term recovery with our many detox services. If you’ve been drinking or using drugs to the point where you have a dependency, detox is what you need for your safety and well-being. When you try to quit cold turkey, you’re putting yourself at an increased risk of relapse due to the harsh symptoms. Not only that, but some of the symptoms of withdrawal can lead to seizures or fatal heart problems.

When you come to Serenity House Detox, we’ll do a complete assessment to set up the exact care that you need. We use the best types of addiction medicine to help reduce your symptoms of withdrawal to make you comfortable. Not only that, but we’ll also introduce you to different recovery options. We want you to not just get sober, but we want you to be able to stay sober long-term as well.

Inpatient and PHP Recovery Options

Typically, from detox, you’ll want to go to an inpatient rehab treatment facility to begin working on yourself. This may seem like a big commitment, but it’s a very small timeframe when you compare it to the life you’re getting back. The reason inpatient is so important is because you may not be able to stay sober when starting in an outpatient program. Too much freedom while having very intense cravings makes it so you’re not safe from your own actions and addiction.

Inpatient treatment gives you the structure and accountability that you need to begin healing your mind. Through various types of therapies, you’ll begin to understand that staying sober and living free is possible. Depending on the treatment program you go to, PHP may be offered as inpatient or in the form of outpatient. This level of care is for those who have medical issues that need to still be monitored while continuing treatment.

IOP and Sober Living Recovery Options

A great way to continue strengthening your recovery is by going to an intensive outpatient program, IOP, which allows you to live at home or sober living. This is the best way to transition because you can go back to work or school while still receiving treatment. Not only does this keep you accountable, but it also gives you support as you live in early recovery. Going back home or to work can be overwhelming, and IOP and sober living will be there for you to work through it all with support.

Serenity House Detox is in Houston, TX, and we take pride in helping people when they’re ready to get sober. You can find out more about our extraordinary detox and how we prepare you for treatment and addiction recovery by calling today at 866-516-8356.