The Serenity House is your Cigna detox center in Houston Texas. Going into a detox facility is a big decision, make sure that you choose one that will accept your insurance. Your Cigna drug detox center in Houston Texas plan should cover outpatient and inpatient addiction services.

Cigna Detox Center in Houston Texas

Insurance coverage will depend on your plan. It will also depend on an assessment by your healthcare workers. This includes your doctor and counselors. Your doctor and counselors can help you to decide what type of treatment will fit you best and about how long you should plan to stay. According to Cigna drug detox in Houston, your doctors and counselors can help you decide by assessing:

  • Your Overall Mental State
  • Your Support Network
  • How You Live
  • The Phase of Addiction You Are In
  • Your Finances

After putting this information together, you should be able to decide what form of inpatient or outpatient alcohol or drug detox in Houston best suits you. Your road to sobriety will not be easy, but you have already put in some of the hardest work that you will have to do at this point. Like with many things, the first steps will be the toughest.

What to Expect at Rehab or Detox

Every facility will be different, but most of them are run fairly similarly. The goal is to remove substances from your body in the most unjarring way possible and then get you to a point where you are able to function and work to change your behavior so that you stop using substances. One common way to do this is through the 12-steps.

The 12-steps have both good and bad reviews; one factor that most people tend to find helpful is the social aspect of it. Of course, there are many ways for people to get sober, that is just one of them. Here are some examples of types of treatment you will be exposed to in rehab or detox.

Finding places that offer one-on-one therapy like a dialectical behavior therapy program in Houston, Texas can be pivotal in changing your behaviors to live a sober life. Other programs offered by many centers revolve around mindfulness and meditations. Some places offer animal therapy and nature walks.

A challenge to finding rehabs and detoxes that work is that the only reassurance that you have it will work are reviews left by past patients. Do lots of research to figure out which facilities will work best with your needs and your personality. Most of all, talk to your therapist about options that are out there.

There are many programs out there; make sure your first step toward sobriety gives you a solid foundation to continue your life on. Plan to be in counseling and have your support system around for as long as you need it. Form new relationships first with yourself and with those around you.

Take the First Step to a New Life

Getting sober is one of the greatest journeys you will ever embark on. You will learn so much about yourself and learn to enjoy life more fully than most. Break free from addiction, take your power back from the substances, and run your own life!

Imagine the life you could be leading if you could remain sober for an extended period of time. Addiction can ruin lives and tear entire families apart. Stop the cycle today by taking the next step in your journey.

Find a detox center that will accept your insurance carrier. Take the journey with The Serenity House, your Cigna detox center in Houston Texas. Call 866.516.8356 to find out more today!