Fist Health insurance works with your doctors to make sure that you get the addiction treatment that you need. Many insurers only allow patients to stay in inpatient drug rehab or detox for a couple of days. First health does not see these situations as one size fits all. Make the Serenity House your First Health detox center in Houston Texas.

First Health Detox Center in Houston Texas

Always check with your insurance carrier before assuming your whole stay is covered. While First Health does offer some of the best addiction treatment benefits out there, be safe, and check. You don’t want to be saddled with unexpected bills while you are at your most vulnerable. Depending on your group plan with First Health, you may qualify to detox and rehabilitate yourself with the likes of the stars, some of the plans are just that good.

Imagine a relaxing yoga session by the pool on a sunny afternoon after a morning of hard self-seeking work. After your yoga therapy session or quiet time reading, you go into the dining hall for a gourmet dinner. There are more meetings, and then it is time to prepare to turn in.

There are many places like this having First Health detox Houston as your insurance carrier. First Health detox center in Houston Texas will work with you to find something that fits your needs style and lives up to your expectations. Check out any of the First Health detoxes in Houston and be on your way to a happy and sober life today.

What are Detox and Rehab Like?

If you watch any television, you have seen both ends of the spectrum for these places. On TV you will see centers that resemble resorts and centers that resemble jails. The fact is that most centers are not exactly like either of these depictions. Centers that work well for people involve some amount of work and are not in the least bit tortuous.

First, here is what your morning schedule will look like:

  • Wake
  • Meditation
  • Group meeting/Check-In
  • Breakfast
  • Meetings
  • Outing or Chores

Then, going into the afternoon, it will look something like this:

  • Lunch
  • One-on-One Counseling
  • Group Meeting
  • Free Time

Lastly, followed by evening activities:

  • Dinner
  • Group Meeting
  • Free Time

Of course, most centers will be well equipped with great food and many recreational activities. Relearning the acts of recreation and feeding yourself properly are essential to getting sober. Evidence-based treatment center in Houston is your best bet for finding sobriety along with a plan to stay that way.

By the same token, evidence-based means that detailed analysis is done on patients while attending the center and after attending to determine what methods work best for different personalities when it comes to getting sober. You will be sure that you are getting the most effective care possible when you choose one of these evidence-based, First Health detoxes in Houston.

An Overview of Evidence-Based Treatment

In essence, there are two types of treatment. In combination, are the most successful in treating addiction. They are behavioral and pharmacotherapies. These types of treatment have been tested in both adult and adolescent populations with positive results.

Types of Behavioral Therapies

These types of therapy usually involve behavioral modification techniques. Since personalities vary greatly, there are many methods of augmenting one’s behavior.

For example, current popular methods are:


Additionally, pharmacotherapy will vary deepening on the patient’s drug of choice. There are prescription interventions for alcohol, tobacco, stimulant, and opioid use. Make sure that your practitioner has a good understanding of your usage background o that they can prescribe you the best methods to be substance free.

Generally speaking, if you are ready to take the next step toward living a happy and sober life call the Serenity House, your primary First Health detox center in Houston Texas. We look forward to getting you comfortably started on your new life endeavor. Call us at 866.516.8356 today!