If you or a loved one need to visit a detox center, you may be wondering about detox center insurance coverage. Most detox centers take medical insurance, and most insurance plans will cover some or all parts of detox care. Of course, your coverage will depend on the plan that you currently have and the detox that you chose to attend. Your best bet is to make all of the necessary phone calls beforehand so that you are not surprised by any charges later on after your experience.

Finding Out About Detox Center Insurance Coverage

Some House detox centers insurance coverage will have information on their website, others you will have to call. The phone call is simple; all you have to do at this point is to get a hold of the financial office at the detox center and ask if they take your insurance. To find out about specific coverage, you will need to call your insurer. You will want to be more prepared for that phone call.

When you call your insurance provider, you will be finding out about the nitty-gritty details of your detox insurance coverage. When you call, know what questions to ask.

First off, it may be best to have picked out a few different detoxes in your area of interest, in case you get various benefits at each inpatient heroin rehab center in Houston.

Once you have done this and confirmed that all of the detoxes accept your insurance, call your insurer and ask the following questions.

  • Do you cover substance abuse claims
  • Is detox treatment covered
  • Do you cover medications for detox
  • How many days of detox do you cover
  • What will my co-pay be and do I need to pay out my deductible before I get coverage during my stay
  • Is my coverage different for different detox centers

Once you get this, all figured out you should be able to choose which inpatient drug rehab center is right for you, your needs and insurance. Do make sure that you call to find out about this. After detoxing you will be vulnerable, you do not want to get an unexpected bill in the mail and have that set you off careening toward another drink or another drug.

Why Go To Detox?

No matter what you are detoxing from, the detoxing process is usually the physically hardest part of quitting the use of rugs or alcohol. Once you become addicted, your body has become used to having substances in it constantly. Depending on how chronic your use is your body will take anywhere between a couple of days and a few weeks to be rid of the substance and the ramifications of having the substance in the body completely.

During your detoxing process, you will experience many uncomfortable symptoms. For many people, these uncomfortable symptoms cause them to run out and use again. This is the biggest reason to go to detox when you are detoxing. It takes an unbelievable amount of want, will, and self-control to not use again when you are feeling so terrible. Going to detox will give you the support that you need to get through this early stage and on to working on staying sober.

At a medical detox center, remember:

  • Monitored around the clock
  • Not be able to easily leave the facility
  • Not likely have access to your cell phone while detoxing
  • Given medication to make the detoxing process more comfortable

Of course, there will be more rules, but those are the main rules in place at many facilities that will help to keep you safe and from using while going through the process.

In case you are wondering, here are the common symptoms that you will experience while detoxing:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Stomach cramps, aches and pains, and headaches
  • Inability to concentrate, insomnia, and exhaustion
  • Unable to control body temperature
  • Seizures (alcohol and some medications)
  • Irritability and panic

Finding a Detox Center

The Serenity House Detox in Houston can comfortable have you on your way to an inpatient heroin rehab center in Houston, TX. We take many types of detox center insurance coverage like:

Give us a call today to find out if your insurance is accepted and take a tour of our facility 866.516.8356.