No matter how desperately someone wants to get help with their addiction, there are always a number of reasons why they put it off. At the top of that list, one would likely find financial issues. It’s true that most quality rehabs and detox facilities charge treatment fees. These fees can even seem a bit on the expensive side. However, financial issues should never interfere with someone getting help. That’s why most reputable drug treatment facilities accept rehab insurance coverage.

Do You Have Rehab Insurance Coverage?

Two men speaking at rehab intake about rehab insurance coverage.If you fall into the aforementioned group, the ones who put off getting treatment because of the lack of financial resources, you should reconsider your position. If you have personal or employer-paid health insurance coverage, there’s an excellent chance you do, in fact, have rehab insurance coverage.

When US President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) into law back in 2009, health insurance providers were forced to start including rehab coverage as though addiction was just like any other regular medical issue. Effectively, millions of Americans became eligible to seek addiction treatment help without having to worry too much about the related costs. Those guidelines still exist today. Of course, the insurance companies still have the ability to set coverage limits, and that warrants some consideration. With that said, you most likely have access to some form of rehab insurance coverage should you currently be part of any reputable health insurance program.

How to Get Detox Treatment With Your Rehab Insurance Coverage

Prior to entering a rehab or detox facility, administrators are going to ask how you intend to pay for their services. If you intend to use your rehab insurance coverage, you must inform them of that intention. The good news is most reputable drug treatment facilities have a working relationship with the nation’s top health insurance providers.

After presenting the name of your insurance carrier and the requisite policy number, most detox and rehab treatment facilities will proceed to contact your insurance provider and verify the extent of your insurance coverage. Should there be any shortfall, most rehab facilities will work with you to come up with a payment solution. Your task is to present your insurance and then focus on what you need to do to combat your addiction.

A Top Detox Center in Texas

Prior to submitting yourself to addiction treatment, you might be required to go through detox. Detox is considered a necessary part of the treatment process because it eliminates residual harmful substances from your system. With a clear mind and body, you will be better prepared to handle the rigors of counseling and treatment.

Serenity House Detox & Recovery has several locations in the US. For residents in or near the state of Texas, Serenity House Detox & Recovery Houston provides a convenient location for detox. As a top Houston detox center, we offer a complete menu of detox programs. Our detox programs are administered by highly trained counselors and medical staff. Depending on your specific situation, there’s a number of detox programs we can offer.

In some cases, we might simply prescribe medications and allow the patient to attend to the detoxing process at home. However, we only subscribe to that methodology within very special circumstances. Instead, we prefer to prescribe an in-house detox program. Among the specific in-house detox programs we can offer are the following:

It’s worth noting that our medical detox program includes close monitoring by medical staff. When necessary, they will prescribe tapering type medications to help make the detox process more palatable.

If you live in the Houston, Texas area and find you have been putting off seeking help because of financial concerns, we encourage you to call Serenity House Detox & Recovery immediately. The phone number is 866.516.8356. We will help you assess your insurance coverage and find a way to get you the treatment you need without having to break the bank.