marijuana addiction

Getting Help for Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana addiction can negatively impact your life. If you want to free yourself from dependency on marijuana, you need to understand the steps of recovery and the reasons why pursuing treatment can improve your life. With a better understanding of the addiction and recovery processes, you can make the best decision for your life and…


How A Chiropractor Can Help With Stress

Stress can lead to addiction and make your recovery more difficult. Consequently, finding healthy ways to relieve stress is vital to your rehab efforts. While undergoing rehab or its initial phase, detox, a chiropractor could help you find relief from your anxieties. Call Serenity House Detox Houston today at 866.516.8356 for more information about how…

trauma and addiction

Addressing Trauma and Addiction

Too often, people who have experienced trauma will eventually also become addicted to substances. Consequently, treatment programs must be aware of the connection between trauma and addiction to meet the needs of those who have both. Most recovery programs do have staff on hand who know the strong link between these. However, to reach the…

residential treatment

Five Benefits of Residential Treatment

Choosing a residential treatment for drug addiction may increase your chances of success. In fact, during the early stages of recovery, you may require the additional oversight and help offered by treatment in a residential facility. These programs provide numerous benefits to make them a better option than only using outpatient care. Reach out to…

support groups

Finding Support Groups After Rehab

If you have gone through rehab or want to start recovery, you should think about finding support groups after your treatment. These are groups of other recovery alumni who can help you not feel alone in your daily struggles after addiction recovery. Living a sober lifestyle is difficult, but getting help from your peers can…

xanax addiction

Signs of a Xanax Addiction

Xanax is a brand of alprazolam. Even though doctors prescribe this drug to treat anxiety disorders, it can be addictive like other drugs in the benzodiazepine class. Therefore, recognizing signs of Xanax addiction can reduce the time before you or a loved one begins treatment. Early intervention in addictions can reduce the time required for…

fentanyl abuse

Signs of Fentanyl Abuse

Opioids like fentanyl can cause severe damage due to the way they impact the brain. Since this drug is a legally prescribed medication, some people may abuse it through legal use. However, many illegally use it, too. Fentanyl abuse will produce many changes in appearance, behavior, and mood. When you can identify these symptoms of…

depression and alcoholism

How Depression Can Impact Alcoholism

Mental health problems like depression can occur at the same time as alcohol abuse. In fact, the two have such a strong connection in some people that getting treatment for one requires simultaneous treatment for the other. Getting concurrent care for depression and alcoholism could improve your outcome from the treatment for both. Reach out…

sobriety and mental health

How Sobriety Improves Mental Health

Sobriety and mental health have a strong connection with each other. Substance abuse can worsen existing mental health problems. Therefore, if you want to improve your mental well-being, seeking sobriety is the best way to begin. Reach out to the experts at Serenity House Detox Houston today at 866.516.8356 for detox and mental health treatment…

life skills training

Why Should You Get Life Skill Training

Detox and rehab treatments are the ideal way to combat drug or alcohol addiction. While the objective is to help clients get sober, these programs should also prepare clients for the next step–-independent sober living. That’s why life skills training should always be a part of the curriculum. With the right skills, clients will be…