cocaine abuse symptoms

Cocaine Abuse Symptoms

Many people reach for coffee or energy drinks when they need a pick-me-up. Others desire a more intense stimulant, and they may go to cocaine. If you think someone you care about may have switched from caffeine to cocaine to help them get through their day, you need to learn the signs of cocaine abuse,…

how long does alcohol withdrawal last

How Long Does Alcohol Withdrawal Last?

Alcohol withdrawal is known for having some of the most severe and dangerous symptoms. The fear of a protracted, painful withdrawal can make people struggling with alcohol addiction hesitant to quit. However, you should not put off getting sober to avoid withdrawal. With the assistance of a professional alcohol detox program, you can get through…

quitting alcohol cold turkey

Risks of Quitting Alcohol Cold Turkey

If you are one of the millions of Americans struggling with alcohol addiction, you may believe that you can quit anytime. This false belief is typical among people dependent on alcohol. While it may be possible for some people to decide to stop drinking and follow through on it, for others, quitting alcohol cold turkey…

oxycontin addiction

5 Signs of Oxycontin Addiction

OxyContin is a prescription opioid medication that doctors may use during the treatment of chronic moderate to severe pain. When you use it only as your doctor directs, OxyContin can help you lead a more productive life by mitigating chronic pain. However, just like other prescription painkillers, it comes with a risk for addiction that…

alcohol abuse in young adults

Recognizing Alcohol Abuse in Young Adults

Experimenting with alcohol between the ages of 18 and 29, otherwise referred to as young adulthood, is more common than in any other stage of life. This is also a high time for binge drinking and alcohol-related driving incidents. Naturally, some parents may become concerned when they see their child in their teens or early…

rehab for men

Benefits of Rehab for Men

You may wonder if it is necessary to have gender-specific addiction treatment programs. After all, addiction does not seem to distinguish between the genders. However, there are some differences in how men and women recover from substance use disorder. Getting the help of a men’s detox program can give men a better chance of lasting…

healing from trauma

Start Healing from Trauma

When you experience a disturbing event, you may initially experience shock as your body tries to protect you from emotional or physical pain. You may feel for several days after the incident, while the numbness and disassociation can last up to six weeks. Once the initial shock wears off, you may continue to experience long-term…

family counseling

The Importance of Family Counseling

The effects of addiction go well beyond the person abusing drugs or alcohol. Those closest to the person will often suffer along with them. When addiction takes over, people may no longer be themselves and exhibit uncharacteristic behaviors like lying, stealing, and cheating. While addiction can dissolve relationships, family support is of the utmost importance…

signs of painkiller abuse

Common Signs of Painkiller Abuse

When a person receives a prescription for painkillers from their doctor, they may have a false sense of safety taking them as desired. However, it is essential that people only prescription painkillers according to their doctor’s instructions and only for as long as necessary. Many people have developed painkiller addiction after taking their prescription medication…

physiological dependence

What to Know About Physiological Dependence on Drugs

Many people wonder about the differences between psychological and physiological dependence on drugs. This subject provides a great deal of confusion. Also, not helpful is how so much information you find misleads you even more. Those who are suffering from substance abuse problems may not be able to tell the difference, but a family member…