a person drinking a drink wondering what is lean drug

What Is Lean Drug?

When talking about drug addiction and other substances, most people focus on cocaine, heroin, opioids, marijuana, and other illicit drugs. However, many other potentially-addictive items are available, many of which are increasing heavily in popularity. For example, lean has become a subject of many rap songs and has spread to many communities, particularly in younger…

a doctor talking to patients about the many benefits of group therapy

The Benefits of Group Therapy

Therapy has proven beneficial for ages. Having someone to talk and listen to your issues is helpful. Further, having someone help you reflect on things from a different standpoint or bring new strategies to light is useful. But what about group therapy? Are there any benefits of group therapy that are worth acknowledging? What is Group…

parents arguing in front of their child and a doctor before learning how addiction affects families

How Addiction Affects Families

When you think about how addiction affects families, you may realize that substances like opioids and alcohol have a severe impact on the way we relate. Although we think of addiction and substance abuse disorder as a largely personal experience, these substances have a devastating impact on the people who surround the addicted individual. Addiction…