a man in need of PTSD Treatment

How to Get PTSD Treatment Options

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health issue caused by experiencing or witnessing a distressing event. Some of these incidences include a terrorist attack, war, sexual violence, a loved one’s death, and a tragic accident. People suffering from this condition may find it challenging to adjust to their everyday life for some time, but…

a man dealing with schizophrenic disorder

Dealing with Schizophrenic Disorder

Schizophrenic disorder, or schizophrenia, is a mental health issue that affects thinking and controlling emotions. It can also impact decision making and how a person feels and behaves when interacting with others. Seeking treatment and learning how to manage the condition can help you avoid some symptoms and improve your well-being. Serenity House Detox Houston…

a woman suffering from bipolar disorder

Understanding Bipolar Disorder

Without mental health treatment and appropriate interventions, bipolar disorder gets worse. It is not uncommon for people with bipolar disorder to engage in risqué or thrill-seeking behavior in their highs or attempt self-harm in their lows. However, it is possible to manage this condition with a combination of medication, psychotherapy, healthy living, and regularized schedules.…