a group leader comforting a new patient as part of sobriety and aftercare

Maintaining Sobriety and Aftercare

After addiction treatment and recovery, the all-important matter of maintaining sobriety and aftercare programs arise. It is critical for patients in drug addiction recovery to have continuous support even after discharge from a drug detox and treatment center. Maintaining sobriety is an active process to manage their illness. Learn about Serenity House Detox Houston aftercare…

a doctor teaching her patient about talk therapy

How Talk Therapy Impacts Recovery

Human beings have misused drugs for thousands of years. Past civilizations have had cures and interventions for alcoholism and drug abuse, although some weren’t effective. In the 1990s, addiction therapy shifted towards evidence-based treatments. People who are suffering from drug or substance addictions need more than just detoxification and medical interventions. Therapy, specifically talk therapy,…

a young adult struggling with study drug abuse

Medical Effects of Study Drug Abuse

College studies can get overwhelming for students. Stress, anxiety, and fear are typical reactions, particularly close to examination periods. Afraid to fail, many young adults fall in to study drug abuse. At first, all they want is to stay alert and feel energized long enough to study or complete huge workloads of assignments. However, before…

a doctor supporting a patient on World Suicide Prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention Day is celebrated on September 10 to create awareness of suicide worldwide. The statistics on global suicide are alarming. According to many treatment experts, hundreds of thousands of people die by their hand every year. That leaves behind millions of bereaved family members, friends, and loved ones. But suicides can be prevented.…

a young man struggling to understand major depressive disorder

Help For Major Depressive Disorder

It is normal to feel sad when going through a difficult life season or facing challenges. However, these feelings of sadness should dissipate after some time or when things turn around. Major depressive disorder, aka clinical depression, happens when someone is unable to shake off feelings of extreme sadness for long periods. Clinical depression causes…

a doctor holding a ribbon symbolizing National Recovery Month

National Recovery Month

The National Recovery Month has been observed in September every year since the 90s. Every September, people in recovery, their families, and communities come together to celebrate the milestones of those who are recovering from substance or behavioral addictions. During this month, recovery services providers, such as Serenity House Detox Houston, schedule events, parades, digital…