types of psychotherapy

Are There Different Types of Psychotherapy?

Although psychotherapy is sometimes called “talk therapy,” it involves much more than just talking. This type of therapy is especially beneficial for people trying to overcome addiction, as it helps them get to the root of their substance dependency problems. Various types of psychotherapy are used in addiction treatment to give clients the tools and…


Clear Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal

Going through alcohol withdrawal is your first step into sobriety. It is a required step if you suffer alcohol dependence. Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal include many uncomfortable feelings, some life-threatening ones. Getting to know these symptoms and what to expect in detox helps you break through to a new, sober life. Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal…

physiological dependence

What to Know About Physiological Dependence on Drugs

Many people wonder about the differences between psychological and physiological dependence on drugs. This subject provides a great deal of confusion. Also, not helpful is how so much information you find misleads you even more. So, below some truths become clear, starting with the differences between psychological and physiological dependence. Psychological vs. Physiological Dependence To…

is alcoholism hereditary

Is Alcoholism Hereditary?

Have you looked at your family history and noticed that several relatives had or have drinking problems? Has that made you wonder, “Is alcoholism hereditary?” Researchers have found a complicated answer. However, many other factors determine who develops an alcohol use disorder. Is Alcoholism Hereditary? The short answer to, “Is alcoholism hereditary?” is yes. Studies…