Some people mistakenly believe the myth that medications prescribed by their doctor are entirely safe. Medications can serve a vital purpose, but they must be used with caution, following your doctor’s orders closely. Some drugs, like Adderall, are used both to treat medical conditions and for recreational purposes. Regardless of whether you have a prescription, you can still develop a dependence on this drug. Getting help from a reputable Adderall detox center can allow you to quit with minimal withdrawal discomfort.

At Serenity House Detox & Recovery Houston, we understand the importance of your safety and comfort as you undergo Adderall detox. Our team of professionals will attend to your needs around the clock as you go through withdrawal, providing medication and support to keep you comfortable. Call us today at 866.516.8356 to get the drug addiction help you need to turn your life around.

people talking in a group at an Adderall Detox CenterWhat Is Adderall?

Adderall is a prescription stimulant drug used to treat attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. The drug works by increasing your brain’s levels of dopamine and norepinephrine, which results in:

  • Improved mental alertness
  • Enhanced focus and attention
  • Increased energy

People with ADHD and narcolepsy find that Adderall helps them function better in their day-to-day life. It can help them stay alert and focused for work and school to be more productive.

On the other hand, some people use Adderall without a prescription for the energy and attention benefits. This is most common among students who wish to enhance their studies by pulling all-nighters. Some people also use Adderall to improve their productivity at work.

How to Know If You Need Adderall Treatment

Since Adderall can be harmful to those with or without a prescription, it is essential to know the signs of dependence and addiction.

The following signs may indicate the need for help from an Adderall detox center:

  • Becoming tolerant to the drug and requiring higher doses to get the same results
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you do not take Adderall, such as mood swings, depression, excessive drowsiness, or lethargy
  • Engaging in doctor shopping to get multiple prescriptions
  • Trying to get Adderall illegally, such as through a friend’s prescription

Adderall can be addictive regardless of whether you are using it to treat a medical condition or enhance your work or school performance. If you notice the above signs, you should consider reaching out to your local Adderall detox center to help you get a handle on your dependence.

Why You Need Adderall Rehab

Adderall is not always recognized as an addictive drug, so many people do not consider that their use can be harmful to their health over the long term. If you experience adverse effects from prescription Adderall use, it is highly recommended you speak with your doctor. For those using Adderall recreationally, it is important that you know the long-term effects Adderall can have, such as:

  • Declining cognitive health, such as memory loss
  • Development of or worsening of heart problems, including high blood pressure and rapid heartbeat
  • Frequently feeling angry or behaving aggressively
  • Worsening mental health symptoms

Although Adderall may initially provide you with a burst of energy and help you gain the mental focus you crave, those effects will eventually be overshadowed by the harmful side effects. It may be challenging to quit Adderall on your own, but you can find professional Adderall help to get you through safely and comfortably.

What to Expect from Our Adderall Detox Center

If you are looking for an Adderall detox center, our team at Serenity House Detox & Recovery Houston can help. We offer a safe and comfortable environment for those who want to withdraw from the drug.

Our Adderall detox center offers:

  • 24/7 care and support from our team of professionals
  • Medication to help with withdrawal symptoms
  • A comfortable and safe environment
  • Holistic therapy and support
  • Evidence-based therapy

If you are struggling with an Adderall addiction, reach out to us today. We can help you get the treatment you need to safely and comfortably withdraw from the drug. You do not have to struggle with addiction alone. Our team is here to help.

Seek Treatment at Serenity House Detox & Recovery Houston Today

At Serenity House Detox & Recovery Houston, we understand that you may be hesitant to get Adderall treatment, especially when you have to uproot your life for a residential stay. Our welcoming, home-like atmosphere will help you relax and feel more comfortable going through the detox process. Our clients receive individualized treatment plans, including:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Trauma therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Yoga therapy
  • 12-step programming

We are here to help you get the treatment you need to start living a healthier, happier life. Our caring staff will be by your side every step of the way, so you will never feel alone in your recovery. Call us today at 866.516.8356 to schedule an intake appointment to kick off your healing journey.