The art therapy Houston rehab facilities use typically involves different levels of therapist assistance. Did you know that even at the detox level there are benefits to this modality? The art therapy program Houston enrollees at Serenity House Detox experience is a little different. Here’s why it works.

Types of Art Therapy Houston Detox Clients Can Participate In

person participating in an art therapy program houstonMost people think of art as only being drawing or painting. That’s certainly one set of options. In fact, it’s a popular one. However, people in detox also have other choices.

For example, sculpting, acting, music, and writing can also be part of the equation. In this way, art becomes as essential as exercise therapy during detox. Both are experiential approaches to healing. Serenity House Detox therapists facilitate artistic expression with an eye on long-term recovery.

Why Art at the Detox Level Matters

Granted, you’re only with us for about a week. Rehab is most likely the time when you delve deeply into the art therapy Houston facilities offer. However, even at this early stage, you benefit from its effects. The goal of artistic expression is personal growth in your ability to communicate.

For many, substance abuse has a root in stress. Almost all program participants were unable to handle their stress effectively. Some can trace this behavior back to an inability to communicate well. They weren’t able to express their thoughts, feelings, and needs.

The art therapy program Houston detox program participants undergo opens the door to new ways of self-expression. You find ways to communicate emotions, ideas, and processes. Maybe you’re not good at putting them in words. For some, it’s easier to draw or act them out.

Group sessions are the ideal venues for this experiential therapeutic approach. You explore new ways of dealing with emotional upheaval while reducing anxiety. Similarly, you work on the development of social skills. Encouragement from peers boosts self-esteem and lets you keep going.

Making Artistic Expression Part of Your Detox Experience

Serenity House Detox therapists customize a care protocol for you. It focuses on your needs at this point in time. Because the primary goal of detox is the withdrawal from a drug or alcohol, modalities concentrate on that. Incorporating the art therapy Houston residents participate in comes a little later.

Possible treatments include:

  • Medication-assisted treatment that lets you withdraw without pain or cravings that threaten to overwhelm you
  • Addiction education, which is a tool for understanding brain chemistry and the ways chemicals alter them
  • Individual therapy that lets you set goals for your rehab path along with long-term planning for recovery
  • Dual diagnosis care for underlying depression or anxiety conditions that trigger chemical dependency
  • Chiropractic care and treatments as a way to regain overall wellness through the detox process

Against this therapeutic backdrop, the art therapy Houston now talks about becomes an important aspect. Because substance abuse affects the mind, body, and spirit, it makes sense that even detox should address these planes. Serenity House Detox therapists strongly believe in a whole-person approach to detoxification. In the process, we ready you for enrollment in a rehab facility program.

Begin Treatment with Art Therapy

We want to make the sign-up process as easy and convenient as possible. You have enough on your plate at this point. Worrying about paperwork shouldn’t be one of the things you think about. That’s why intake advisors walk you through the insurance verification process.

Similarly, they gladly answer your questions about the art therapy Houston therapists offer. Many enrollees worry about needing artistic talent; you don’t. Find out more about recovery with the help of the art therapy program Houston detox clients talk about. Finally, connect with Serenity House Detox by dialing 8665168356 today.