Detox is an essential time in your life, a time when you stand up and take charge of your present and future once again. You lost a lot of time, progress and happiness to your drug or alcohol addiction. Now you’re starting over, and you are not alone. Support, an individual therapy program, group therapies, and family therapy during detox help you take these next steps to a better life.

Female counselor conducting an individual therapy program with woman in detox.Therapy takes place during detox and throughout your addiction treatment. These therapies in group and individual settings help you rebuild mental and emotional strength. They also give you an understanding and education about your addiction. You learn relapse prevention and get to know yourself better, even why you picked up drugs or alcohol in the first place.

An Individual Therapy Program Provides Understanding of Yourself

For lasting recovery, you must be honest about yourself and your past. Because an individual therapy program takes place one-on-one with a counselor you trust, beginning therapy honestly won’t be so hard. In detox, you start this individual therapy program and learn that detox and rehab are safe places to tell the truth. It is safe to talk about yourself, your past and what you need for your best possible future.

In individual counseling, you also dive deeper into subjects explored in a group therapy program. Your counselor gives you a safe space for discussing group topics with greater focus.

Because individual counseling is judgment-free, you find your voice in recovery. You also learn how to talk about your past and the underlying causes of your addiction. This makes your participation in the group even better.

Both addiction and personal secrets weigh heavily on you. Many people call addiction “a monkey on your back,” a heavy weight you carry at all times. Secrets are something you “get off your chest,” another massive weight you carry around with you. In individual counseling, you start releasing these loads. You naturally lighten your life journey in many ways.

In An Individual Therapy Program You Explore the Root Causes of Your Addiction

Your addiction began before you first used a drug or took a drink. Understanding the roots of your addiction is never easy. But an individual therapy program helps you see and understand these origins.

With your therapist, you explore your past. By doing so, you learn about your root causes of addiction. Maybe there is a family history of addiction. Maybe you saw substance abuse at an early age, or you suffer an untreated mental condition. Many people with addiction experienced abuse or trauma that led them to substance abuse.

Whatever the causes of your addiction, individual counseling helps you understand your personal road to addiction. In therapy during detox, you start uncovering these roots. You learn what you need for a better future. This is how detox therapies open doors to brighter tomorrows.

Relapse Prevention and Coping Skills Learned in Individual Counseling

Throughout your detox and addiction treatment, you learn relapse prevention techniques. You also learn coping skills. These are the ways you sidetrack relapse. These skills arm you against temptations and triggers of everyday life, including old friends and places, as well as stress.

Knowing how to stop a relapse is very important. In recovery, you send yourself signals that “something isn’t right” long before you even realize you want drugs or alcohol. When you learn relapse prevention techniques, you see these cues before they become behaviors. You learn how to turn these triggers off and keep yourself on track.

Individual Counseling and Other Therapies at Houston’s Serenity House Detox

Serenity House Detox in Houston provides supervised detox with individual, family and group therapies for a strong start to recovery. After all, you need a solid foundation for your healthiest recovery. That foundation at Serenity House Detox includes:

If you or someone you love needs detox to quit using drugs or alcohol, call Serenity House Detox now at 866.516.8356 for information on how to start your new life.