Serenity House Detox Houston provides a variety of evidence-based therapies for complete patient wellness during drug and alcohol detox. A meditation therapy program is one of these detox services. Meditation as part of a comprehensive individualized treatment plan benefits client recovery and carrys over into life outside rehab.

Meditation therapy adds to the recovery experience.

Why Serenity House Detox Uses a Meditation Therapy Program

Patients suffering in the cycle of drug and alcohol addiction need addiction detox programs that employ a variety of evidence-based therapy methods for complete and long-lasting recovery. Through these multiple forms of treatment, it is possible for each patient to gain whole-being wellness. Treatment plans that include talk therapies, support groups and medications, along with complementary practices like chiropractic care and meditation help better prepare patients for sustainable recovery.

The practice of meditation extends through thousands of years of human history. Meditation provides a great spiritual connection, personal enlightenment, and inner peace. What better way to supplement addiction recovery?

Meditation practice quiets the mind and, with mental clarity, it provides better focus on individual thoughts, needs or ideas. One of the best aspects of meditation is that individuals or groups can practice it anywhere and at any time. This means that a meditation therapy program is perfect as a means of helping patients recovering from addiction where and when they need additional focus.

Meditation Therapy Helps Patients in Detox

meditation therapy program can help you overcome addictionMeditation therapy is widely used in detox and rehab programs. This practice is not a replacement for other types of therapy. Instead, it enhances and rounds out more complete treatment plans. Meditation also provides unique and powerful support for patients in detox and recovery. After learning meditation, patients rely on it as a coping tool when they need additional support and self-relaxation.

Studies have long proven the benefits of meditative practices. As an example, a recent study indicated that patients recovering from injected drugs like heroin felt meditation was one of the healthiest and most effective tools for overcoming addiction.

Incarcerated individuals who use meditation as part of recovery experience lower levels of relapse. These patients in addiction recovery have more positive results after release from prison versus inmates not learning how to use meditation.

Meditation is particularly effective in recovery when it is combined with physical fitness programs. This is why yoga is often combined with meditation as part of recovery programs. Patients recovering from cocaine addiction with meditation included in their treatment plans report fewer cravings and symptoms of addiction than their non-meditating counterparts in recovery.

Using Meditation Therapy to Your Benefit

At Serenity House Detox Houston, you can benefit from meditation in recovery. As part of meditation, you gain improved learning capability, memory, self-awareness, introspection, and a mind-body connection. Through these enhanced capabilities and reduction of anxiety, depression, and stress, your recovery is more complete. Meditation provides an additional tool against addiction for a healthier, lifelong recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Using meditation, you can tap into your inner talent for reacting to life’s challenges more appropriately. You can operate with greater reasoning in daily living without turning to mind-numbing substances like drugs and alcohol. Meditation therapy can be your pathway to greater well-being in sobriety, keeping relapse triggers of stress and anxiety away. You can even use meditation to set future goals and achieve them for a brighter future in recovery.

Serenity House Detox offers many various therapies for recovery, such as:

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