Many people feel surprised to learn about a dual diagnosis of a mental health problem in addition to drug or alcohol addiction. Sure, they realize they suffer addiction, but mental illness? This situation of co-occurring conditions is far more common than you expect. It makes clear the need for combined addiction and mental health treatment Houston TX offers.

Research about Mental Health Treatment and Addiction

Two faceless people in therapy for mental health treatment Houston TXRecent research into mental health treatment and addiction provide clarity about the co-occurring conditions. The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) reported a clear connection between mental illness and substance abuse in their statistics. According to NBER, people diagnosed with a mental disorder use 69 percent of the alcohol, 84 percent of the cocaine and 68 percent of the cigarettes consumed in the United States.

Those staggering statistics show how substance abuse and mental illness relate. Without the right addiction and mental health treatment, the two conditions spiral each other out of control. Even if you receive therapy for one of your diagnoses, the untreated condition can often cause a relapse.

All of this information and insight links mental health with addiction. It makes clear why you need mental health treatment Houston TX residents trust when going to detox. Otherwise, why bother going to detox and rehab at all, if you do not gain access to the right help? The help you need exists in Houston, at Serenity House Detox.

Substance Abuse Self-Medicates Your Mental Illness

The most common link between addiction and mental illness is your need to self-medicate your mental problems if you do not receive other treatment. After all, your world feels more difficult, confusing and isolating without psychological stability. When you first “discovered” your drugs or alcohol, you felt more balanced, at first.

This self-medication of using drugs or alcohol to deal with mental illness is more common than not. Unfortunately, this self-medication does not actually medicate you. It only spins your life further out of control, soon into addiction and worsening mental illness.

People with depression frequently abuse marijuana. Those suffering panic attacks can abuse benzos. People with social anxiety often drink to feel social and attractive. Someone suffering low motivation or energy turns to “uppers” like Adderall, cocaine or meth.

Two Problems Feed Off Each Other

When you suffer comorbidities like mental illness and addiction, the two conditions often share causes, symptoms, and remedies. With addiction, mental illness shares common causal factors like environment, family history, genetics, biochemistry and life stress. Addiction also causes many of the same symptoms as anxiety, depression or other mental illnesses.

So what about addiction treatment and mental health treatment? These conditions thankfully benefit from similar therapies. Standard therapies used for both include individual counseling, behavioral therapies, psychotherapy, group therapy, family therapy and holistic methods. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) work very well for these co-occurring conditions.

Where do you find mental health treatment Houston TX trusts, for your co-occurring conditions? This treatment exists in Houston, welcoming people from all over the country for a real chance of a better life.

Co-Occurring Conditions Mental Health Treatment Houston TX

When you need addiction and mental health treatment Houston TX, that treatment begins with an end to your physical dependence on drugs or alcohol. When your body is clean of these substances, your doctor provides the best diagnosis of your mental health treatment needs. Sometimes diagnosing these problems with active addiction proves difficult, so you start with supervised detox.

At Serenity House Detox in Houston, you receive the supervised medical detox you need after drug or alcohol addiction. During detox treatment, experts in addiction recovery keep you safe. They supervise your condition, helping you feel your most comfortable from beginning to end. You also experience therapies you need for starting your recovery off right.

Programs at Serenity House Detox include:

If you or someone you love is dealing with the never-ending cycle of addiction and mental illness, you need help from accredited Serenity House Detox in Houston, TX. Call Serenity House Detox now at 866.516.8356 to learn more about addiction and mental health treatment, starting on your path to active recovery.