Serenity House Detox Houston Offers motivational enhancement therapy to help you commit to getting better. If you have hesitations about getting better, motivational enhancement therapy (MET) can empower you to take the first step. We use this type of treatment to demonstrate why recovery is the best decision you will ever make.

Our addiction therapy services in Houston provide a resource and environment where you can get better and grow beyond addiction. You have access to our facilities, treatments, and an incredible staff that sincerely wants to help you every step of the way. Whatever it is that is keeping you from choosing to get clean, a motivational enhancement therapy program in Houston can help you work through it.

Understanding Motivational Enhancement Therapy

Choosing to put down drugs and alcohol can be incredibly difficult. You may feel that you cannot live without the substance in your life. You may also fear the withdrawal symptoms or wonder what the future looks like without your addiction. These are all common hindrances to recovery.

MET is a short-term approach that helps you resolve your ambivalence about getting treatment and ending your addiction for good. The objective is to help you make you a rapid choice and follow it up with action. Once you finally commit to detox, you will transition into other types of treatment.

What You Can Expect from MET

When you arrive at Serenity House Detox Houston, we will begin with an initial assessment and possibly a physical. You will have an opportunity to discuss your addiction and why you are having a hard time quitting. You will also be able to ask questions and talk about your concerns.

Treatment consists of different steps, including:a doctor explaining what motivational enhancement therapy is to a patient

  • An initial assessment to find out more about your addiction
  • Two to four treatment sessions with your therapist
  • Feedback from your therapist with recommendations for specific types of treatment
  • You commit to a treatment plan including detox, rehab, and aftercare
  •  You enter a detox treatment center

Keep in mind that these steps are not rigid. Your interaction with your therapist at Serenity House Detox Center may look quite different. The key is that you commit to treatment regardless of how you come to that conclusion.

Treatment for Drug or Alcohol Addiction

One of the reasons why you may be hesitant to get help for your addiction is due to the stigma that is placed on rehab. At Serenity House Detox Houston, we make every effort to provide a warm and caring environment that allows you to relax and focus on getting better.

Our facilities and friendly staff make you feel right at home. You do not have to worry about being judged or battling your addiction alone. We offer a structured treatment plan that allows you to recover according to your goals, your needs, and your pace.

Some of the treatments we offer include:

We can help you choose the treatment program that is best for you based on our assessments and your desires.

Start Your Treatment Today at Serenity House

Today can be the day that you decide to end your addiction to drugs or alcohol. Serenity House Detox Houston can help you. Experience the benefits of motivational enhancement therapy program in Houston at our rehab center. To find out more, give us a call at 866.516.8356. One decision to get clean can have a considerable impact on your life.