You already know that Serenity House Detox is one of the top addiction treatment facilities in the Houston area. Experts there work with a broad range of substance abuse situations, including alcohol and opioids. In so doing, the therapists at the center leverage their expertise to help clients fight the disease. What exactly does that mean for you or a loved one?

Addiction Affects all Races, Age Groups and Genders

Medical pro talking to young man at intake about addiction treatment.The road to recovery is open to anyone, regardless of background. With the right modalities during addiction treatment, you have an excellent outlook on recovery. Unfortunately, too many people struggling with a substance abuse problem live in isolation and don’t realize that there’s help. For those who do come here, one of the most eye-opening experiences is the realization that drugs can affect anyone.

Detox is the First Step to an Effective Addiction Treatment

Experts agree that addiction is a chronic brain disease. As such, it doesn’t have a cure. But it’s possible to treat it. This journey to recovery starts with detoxification as the first step.

When working with newcomers to the program, there are a lot of questions of what detox will be like. A concerted action includes the assistance of various specialists who collaborate to customize the treatment for you. Examples of this approach include:

  • Men and women’s detox programs that take into account the emotional and psychological makeup of individuals based on gender
  • Alcohol withdrawal education that helps those struggling with this substance specifically to overcome the cravings
  • Drug detoxification that focuses on the withdrawal symptoms the substance you’ve used will most likely cause
  • Medically supervised detox benefits long-term drug users who respond with more severe withdrawal symptoms
  • Access to counselors who help you stay on track even if things get a little uncomfortable

Some people try to detox by themselves at home. This idea typically backfires. For starters, if you could actually stop using and handle the withdrawal that easily, you would’ve done so already. Secondly, depending on the substance, the cold turkey approach can be dangerous.

The severity of symptoms, as well as the toll they take on the body, can adversely affect your overall health. In a professional addiction treatment setting, medical experts monitor your vital signs and intervene with medications when needed. Moreover, you don’t have to white-knuckle it all the way through. If it’s possible to be comfortable while detoxing, wouldn’t it make sense to take that approach?

What Sets Apart This Addiction Treatment Facility from Others

In addition to focusing on addiction treatment, the Serenity House Detox approach emphasizes comfort and safety. When clients feel secure and well cared for, they’re more likely to relax and focus on getting well. Remember that recovery involves your body as well as your mind; it makes sense to appeal to both during the initial detox.

For this reason, a Serenity House Detox includes various programs such as:

  • Customized care methods that treat the whole person and not just the part that suffers from substance abuse
  • One-on-one therapy for each program participant helps you to uncover the reasons behind an addiction
  • Meditation groups assist clients in learning about being in the here and now while relaxing
  • Chiropractic care is a wellness practice that heightens individuals’ abilities to have healthy and functioning neurotransmitters
  • Holistic health education and assistance with improved nutritional choices for long-term wellness

Although detoxification is only the first step in addiction treatment for alcohol, substance and prescription drug abuse, the facility takes a long-term approach. Case in point is the use of evidence-based treatment methods that ensure overall positive outcomes. The goal is to connect the physical aspects of withdrawal to the emotional and psychological addiction, too. This objective explains the focus on complete healing, which readies program participants for rehab following withdrawal.

Whether you need help for yourself or a loved one, contact the experts at Serenity House Detox that understand scientific recovery methods as well as holistic healing. Don’t let anyone tell you that recovery has to be painful or make you feel bad. Instead, you owe it to yourself to seek out a healing process that puts you in good shape with less chance of relapse. Dial 866.516.8356 now for immediate assistance!