Cocaine addiction requires a cocaine detox center in Houston for recovery.Ending your cocaine addiction causes withdrawal symptoms difficult to get through alone. Avoiding feeling this way is why many people stay stuck in the cycle of cocaine addiction. To most, it feels easier to just keep using the drug than to put forth the effort to detox. In a licensed, professional cocaine detox center in Houston, you gain freedom from cocaine addiction with the support and compassion you need for a better life in recovery.

The Crash While In A Cocaine Detox Center

Addiction can happen to anyone. The process of addiction changes your body and brain, compelling you to keep using the drug to feel comfortable. At first, physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms are not very tough. As time goes on and you keep using cocaine, cocaine detox feels like a bigger challenge.

Each person living in addiction experiences cocaine detox differently. There are some general expectations for what most people can expect, however. These expectations include a timeline of withdrawal symptoms you may feel.

The heavy crash while in a cocaine detox center is the most common withdrawal symptom. This feeling occurs soon after you stop using cocaine, as your body signals that it needs more of the drug. When you are in detox, you cannot give in to this craving if you want to make it through withdrawal to sobriety. In fact, relapsing during detox can be deadly.

Cocaine detox crash symptoms include:

  • Feeling depleted, exhausted and weak
  • Depression, irritability, and anxiety
  • Increased appetite
  • Increased craving for the drug
  • Sleepiness

The crash after cocaine makes you want to sleep for an extended period. After the crash, you start feeling other withdrawal symptoms of cocaine detox.

Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal from cocaine includes both physical and psychological symptoms. But most people feel stronger psychological effects, over feeling physically sick. The intensity of your withdrawal comes down to several factors. These include how long you used cocaine, the size of your dose, and your general health.

Withdrawal from cocaine lasts up to ten weeks for people seriously addicted to the drug. Symptoms of withdrawal include intense drug cravings, irritability, extreme fatigue, depression, hyperactivity, sleep problems, concentration problems, tremors, and bad dreams.

Some of the worst cocaine withdrawal symptoms are psychological. These feelings include desperation and worsening of pre-existing mental or emotional problems. Cocaine use even causes some people to develop psychiatric problems they did not have before.

The discomfort of detox symptoms drives many people to go to great lengths toward feeling better, even derailing their detox altogether. Relapse is common for people detoxing at home alone or without the professional support they need. The desperation they feel while in detox makes some people ignore their own needs or those of family and friends. Just to get into detox, many people need intervention from the ones who care about them.

Houston Detox Provides the Support and Comfort You Need

Serenity House Detox in Houston, Texas provides safe, comfortable and medically supported detox from drugs, including cocaine. Serenity House is a medical detox facility where treatment professionals understand your journey. They also understand what it takes to get through detox safely.

Serenity House Detox medical professionals use the latest addiction medicine methods to make your detox as comfortable and safe as possible. Treatment specialists at Serenity House use some medications to counteract withdrawal symptoms. You are also kept well nourished, hydrated and supported in other ways. Besides for cocaine, we offer programs for many other addictive substances, including:

When you are ready for an end to your cocaine addiction, the right help is in Houston. Serenity House Detox addiction treatment specialists know what you are going through and are eager to help you reach the other side of addiction with a cocaine detox center Houston residents trust.

If you’re ready to detox from cocaine, alcohol or other drugs, call Serenity House Detox at 866.516.8356. An addiction specialist is ready to discuss available programs and treatment methods with you. A better life for you and your loved ones begins at Serenity House Detox, so call now.