woman meditates during cocaine withdrawal treatmentCocaine is one of the most popular party drugs used across the world and in the United States. However, like other party drugs, cocaine has a dark side as well. Abuse, addiction, and repeated use all cause serious health consequences. For many of those who use cocaine, withdrawal treatment is helpful to stop using the substance. In these cases, finding the best cocaine detox center Houston, Texas has to offer is crucial.

Cocaine is a stimulant that can lead to mental dependence. The side effects of heavy cocaine use include seizures, confusion, coma, and other serious health issues. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health reports that cocaine use in America has been stable since the late 2000s. As of 2014, 1.5 million people over the age of 12 were current cocaine users. The highest rate of cocaine usage occurs in the 18 to 25 age group. However, like addiction to other drugs, addiction to cocaine can affect anyone and requires professional intervention to treat.

Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

Many of the clients who come in for cocaine withdrawal treatment will experience the symptoms of withdrawal. The withdrawal symptoms will grow more intense with time, and detox may feel more difficult. Of course, the symptoms of cocaine withdrawal are slightly different for each person.

For many clients, the first stage of cocaine withdrawal treatment begins with the feeling of crashing. The body develops a craving for more of the drug, and it is difficult not to give in to the urge to use. Clients often feel exhausted and weak at first, and they go on to feel irritable, anxious, and depressed. Cocaine users may experience an increased appetite and an increased desire to sleep as well. In fact, the “crash” often makes clients sleep for long periods of time.

Other physical and psychological symptoms associated with cocaine withdrawal depend on the length of time the client used cocaine, how much cocaine they used, and their overall health. The symptoms can last weeks on end and go on to include tremors, nightmares, and issues concentrating. The feeling of desperation to use cocaine may also increase significantly in the weeks following the first crash. Before beginning a cocaine addiction treatment program or detox program, staff will do an intake assessment of your treatment needs. This way, you can feel confident that you have the support you need to begin lasting recovery.

Cocaine Detox Programs

There is no denying that detox from cocaine is incredibly uncomfortable. For this reason, many people do relapse when they try to detox at home or without professional help. People who are going through withdrawal symptoms often need additional support. Cocaine withdrawal treatment is readily available and helps provide for addiction treatment and recovery.

Medical drug detox programs provide medical assistance and a holistic approach to detox that prepares each client for the steps beyond cocaine withdrawal treatment. Clients in these facilities do not have to worry about having access to substances like cocaine while they have such intense cravings. Instead, they are surrounded by others who are also trying to detox and improve their lives. A medical detox is a fantastic option for those who are unsure of what lies ahead.

Outpatient programs are also helpful for those who undergo detox. If you have a supportive environment at home, an outpatient program is a great choice. Regardless of which type of detox program you choose, you can expect that you will be in the program for several weeks to ease the symptoms that arise.

Cocaine Withdrawal Treatment at Serenity House Detox Houston

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