What makes crack cocaine so addictive? At the crack detox Houston locals enroll in, we believe it’s the speed of intoxication. The specialists at Serenity House Detox routinely work with good people who thought they were in control. They were wrong; here’s how the crack detox center Houston trusts can help you.

What Brings People to the Crack Detox Houston Can Count On?

therapist discussing crack detox center houston with patientSnorting cocaine gets you high. However, the drug doesn’t hit the brain and its neurotransmitters as quickly as crack. Smoking crack results in an almost immediate high. For early-stage users, it’s an intense sensation.

Abusing the drug results in a dopamine glut. You feel good, happy, powerful, and everything’s right with the world. But therapists at the cocaine addiction treatment center Houston trusts know that the feeling doesn’t last. In fact, the high is tremendously short-lived.

That’s when users light up another rock. Some binge on the drug. Others become so desperate for another high that they’ll do anything to buy a hit. Addiction happens remarkably fast.

At the crack cocaine detox Houston goes to, we frequently see people who’ve lost everyone they cared about. The drug became the sole focus of their existence. They became irritable, misspent money, abused loved ones, and suffered legal troubles. Because addiction to the drug is so strong, people can’t just quit.

How Detox Gets You Off Crack Cocaine

Serenity House Detox Houston addresses the physical dependency. Your body’s been itching for you to smoke the drug. Irritability and depression spiked. Besides that, you tell yourself that you’ll do better once you have the crack.

Of course, that’s not true. At the crack detox Houston locals go to, we address the physical withdrawal first. As is the case with other stimulants, the body experiences a crash without the influx of chemicals. You feel tired, depressed, and unable to function.

At the crack detox center Houston turns to, you’ll have opportunities to deal with these symptoms. Modalities might include:

During the crack cocaine detox Houston relies on, you make realistic plans for long-term sobriety. Almost all people will benefit from attending rehab after detox. Consider that the crack detox Houston locals enroll in only takes about a week. It’s an excellent way to end physical dependency.

That said, you still need to deal with the psychological addiction. For crack cocaine, this aspect of treatment is essential for long-term healing. It’s easy to slip up and relapse. Unless you have contingency plans for stress and trigger management, it’s surprisingly easy.

Why Should I Choose Residential Detox?

The crack cocaine detox Houston Serenity House therapists offer is a residential program. You live at the facility for the duration of care. This takes about seven days. You commit to undergoing therapeutic interventions to end physical dependency.

Staying at home would make relapse far too tempting. The crack detox Houston residents seek out addresses the tremendous cravings you’ll develop for the drug. At home, you won’t have the around-the-clock support. You might not make it through a week without relapse.

Learn more about the crack detox Houston trusts. Serenity House Detox therapists routinely work with good people just like you. There’s no judgment but only support at the crack detox center Houston counts on. Call us today at 8665168356.