If you have reached the point where you want to remove yourself from the cycle of addiction, there are certain steps you must take. The first is to confirm your desire to quit abusing substances. After that, it’s incumbent on you to seek help. Immediately after you stop taking your substance of choice, it’s important that you understand and recognize possible detox symptoms.

In many cases, symptoms related to the withdrawal from drugs and alcohol can create serious health issues. Depending on the extent of your addiction, you might have to submit to a monitored detox process prior to seeking addiction treatment. At first, detox symptoms could be subtle. The longer you go without the drugs or alcohol, the higher the risk you run of harming yourself.

Serious Detox Symptoms

Person struggling with a hangover may be having the first of detox symptoms.As your body goes through the process of withdrawing from a harmful substance, there’s a period of adjustment the body goes through. Initially, your detox symptoms will seem as insignificant as the sniffles, restlessness and frequent yawning. The longer you go without the drugs or alcohol, and the longer you try to get through the withdrawal on your own, the more serious the symptoms become.

At its worst, you might find yourself experiencing muscle cramps and abdominal pains. Eventually, you could face problems such as blurred vision, high anxiety, paranoia, confusion and a weakening of muscles. The most dangerous stage of withdrawal includes the DTs or tremors, seizures, hallucinations, depression, a tendency towards aggression, or violence and even thoughts of suicide.

Treatments for Detox Symptoms

By the time you realize quitting cold turkey offers significant risks and is near impossible to accomplish, you will want to seek help from a reputable detox center. Depending on the length of your addiction and your substance of choice, there are two primary types of treatment offered to help you safely through the detox process.

The least intrusive option involves the use of drugs to make the process more manageable. Under the care of professional medical staff, you will be monitored and offered certain drugs (pain medication, sleeping aids, etc.). All of these medications are designed to keep you comfortable while your body rids itself of the poisons you have been ingesting. It’s worth noting that this type of detox treatment could be handled on an outpatient basis under certain circumstance.

If your addiction is quite significant, you may be required to submit to a medical detox process. The process would require closer monitoring by the medical staff on an inpatient basis only. Medications like Suboxone would most likely be administered. This type of program is designed to allow your body to taper its reliance on the drugs over time.

Treating Detox Symptoms at Serenity House Detox in Houston, Texas

At our detox facility in Houston, Texas, we offer a variety of detox options. All of these options prepare you for the therapy and treatment portion of the recovery process. Without the appropriate detox process, the likelihood you will successfully get through the treatment process is greatly diminished.

Our treatment options include the following:

We also focus on holistic healing methods such as chiropractic care, meditation and the use of nutritional programs. Everything we offer helps remove the physical addiction your body feels. You can then be better prepared to submit to the therapy and psychological help you most certainly need.

If you or a loved one is dealing with an addiction and wants to stop, the best way to begin recovery is through some type of detox process. Our clinicians here at Serenity House Detox in Houston, Texas are prepared to assess your detox needs and direct you toward the most appropriate detox program. This is done with the goal of preparing you for addiction recovery and preventing relapse. By calling us right now at 866.516.8356, you can take the first step towards recovery in a safe and secure environment.