Drug addiction is an equal opportunity destroyer. Given enough time, it will wreak havoc on anyone who dares to become deeply involved in substance abuse. The scariest issue related to addiction is that it will continue until the afflicted individual is ready to admit they are in the throes of an illness. Then and only then, will it become possible to ask for and get drug addiction help.

What Constitutes Drug Addiction Help?

Medical staff with young woman asking for drug addiction help.There are two components related to drug addiction help. The first is usually detox. While detox might not be necessary in all cases, it will be necessary if the afflicted individual has been abusing a substance for a long time. Without a properly managed detox process, the individual would be subjecting themselves to potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Some symptoms should not be taken lightly. They can be life threatening when related to narcotic or alcohol abuse.

After a successful stint in detox, the next step to getting drug addiction help is submitting to treatment and counseling. These types of services are provided in a licensed rehab center. The overall treatment objective sought in a treatment center is seeking out the cause of the addiction. With a better understanding of their addiction, most people will be better able to acquire the life skills necessary to avoid further substance abuse.

More About Detox

The primary reason that the detox process carries so much importance is that residual drugs in the system can interfere with the therapy process. It’s nearly impossible for someone to sit through counseling sessions when their body and mind hurt. A clean mind and body are necessary to avoid wasting time. For what it’s worth, the “cold turkey” version of detox is both dangerous and time-consuming. It serves to do nothing more than delay the ability to subject oneself to proper treatment.

A good detox process is safe, efficient and effective. It allows the patient to deal with withdrawal issues in a safe environment under the care of medical professionals. In some cases, drugs will be prescribed to help deal with pain and sleeping symptoms that are common to substance withdrawal. When a significant addiction exists, a medically monitored detox program might be prescribed. This type of program provides constant care as well as tapering drugs, which allow the body and mind to adjust to the lack of harmful substances over a longer, safer period of time.

Seeking Drug Addiction Help at Serenity House Detox

Serenity House Detox is a premiere drug detox center with locations in Florida and Houston, Texas. Our role with the drug addiction help process is getting our patients safely through the detox process. We know that if we do our part correctly, our patients will be in a far better frame of mind and body to go through the rehab treatment process.

During their stay in our facility, we will design a custom detox program for each patient. Based on their specific needs, a program will be implemented, such as:

Our services are provided by professional and licensed counselors and medical personnel. We do accept most forms of insurance for payment, depending on the terms and conditions of the patient’s health insurance policy. During detox, we will provide some basic counseling. We find this helps our patients prepare for the treatment process and recovery options that lie ahead. We are also more than happy to refer our patients to a top drug and alcohol rehab center.

If you are sick of laboring under the thumb of an addiction, we can help you get the drug addiction help you need. Serenity House Detox will do our part of getting you safely through your withdrawal issues. From there, you will be ready to get through therapy on the way to a complete recovery from your addiction. All you have to do is take the first step and call us at 866.516.8356.