Just when Americans thought the opiate epidemic couldn’t get worse, recreational drug users upped the ante. Indeed, a hazardous substance has entered the fray–fentanyl. There isn’t a single fentanyl detox center that hasn’t had its share of patients with fentanyl addiction. As a caring society, we have to find better ways to try to stop these menace drugs from ravaging our communities.

What is Fentanyl?

fentanyl detox center HoustonIf heroin is the prince of the opiate community, then fentanyl would be the king. Drug manufacturers initially introduced this drug to combat surgery-related pain issues for large animals like horses and elephants. Of course, one can only imagine how this drug would affect a human.

As a point of reference, scientists and doctors claim fentanyl is 100x more potent than heroin or any other opiate substance. That’s a significant number on the power scale. If that’s true, we should all show our concern for the individual who is fighting this battle. Is it any wonder that treatment professionals in a fentanyl detox center Houston offers are helping fight those battles?

The Detox Process at a Fentanyl Detox Center

If someone shows signs of fentanyl addiction, there needs to be a sense of urgency. The ramifications of such an addiction are dire. The first step towards getting someone help is getting them to understand they have a serious problem. Once that happens, the next step is to get the individual to stop using the substance immediately.

As any fentanyl detox center Houston trusts will admit, the potential withdrawal symptoms could be significant. For that reason, the addiction sufferer needs to seek help with the detox process. That help is available from either a full-service drug treatment center or a licensed fentanyl detox center. If someone is in the Houston area, Serenity House Detox has one of the better Houston detox centers around.

Patients can expect any top fentanyl detox center to follow a similar process. It will likely start with an intake interview. Upon determining the proper course of treatment, the patient will submit to care from the facility’s medical professionals. Generally, in cases where fentanyl is the subject of the patient’s addiction, the facility’s clinicians will prescribe a medically-monitored program. Under the care of medical professionals, the patient will go through detox as naturally as possible. If pain and discomfort become an issue, the medical staff will provide the appropriate medications to help the patient stay safe. At all times, the patient’s overall health and well-being are the detox facility’s primary concern.

The Benefits Available From a Fentanyl Detox Center Houston

The goal of detox is to help the patient get past the cravings and withdrawal symptoms that come from fentanyl addiction. Once the patient is functioning at a higher level, they should be able to commit to counseling and therapy.

During therapy, the focus is on discovering the cause of the patient’s addiction. With any luck, the journey of self-discovery will point to the real issues. This will provide the patient and their counselor with the basis for building the coping skills necessary to get past these issues. That should stop the addictive behavior. In the end, the patient should be firmly on the road to a lasting recovery.

Serenity House Detox’s Fentanyl Detox Center

At our detox treatment facilities, we use drug-specific detox programs to address addiction problems to dangerous substances. Our primary interest is to make sure each patient gets the exact kind of detox treatment they need. Aside from fentanyl detox treatment, we also offer:

When you decide to address your fentanyl addiction issues, you will want to consider a fentanyl detox center like Serenity House Detox Houston facility. Under our care, you will get every opportunity to clear your withdrawal symptoms with little pain and discomfort. Lastly, if you would like more information about our services or facility, give us a call at 866.516.8356. One of our addiction counselors will be there to answer your questions and provide you with the next steps.