Guy needing heroin addiction treatment in background with needle in foreground

Anyone who is struggling with an addiction to heroin will find it extremely difficult to quit. Quitting is much more difficult when a person is trying to do it alone as well. This is why you should always consider going to a quality heroin addiction treatment center. By asking for help from a professional facility, your chances of sobriety are much higher.

The reason many people get help for addiction is because they’re in a state of denial. Others may have the idea that they don’t need help to quit, or some think they don’t deserve help. At the end of the day, addiction is an extremely powerful disease. Those who try to quit on their own are often victims of relapse.

Is Heroin Relapse Part of Your Story?

If you’ve never been to a heroin addiction treatment facility for drug detox or therapy, you’ve most likely relapsed. This is due to the fact that most people don’t know how cunning and baffling addiction is. Even those who have managed to stay sober for weeks or months often fall victim to relapse. This happens because they were never got down to the sources of their addiction.

Relapse is a part of many addiction stories, many times because addicted individuals may not have the coping skills to fend off cravings. Part of addiction treatment is about providing the knowledge and skills necessary to avoid relapse. The process begins with detoxification and then on to therapy. Having a support group is also one of the most important components when it comes to long-term sobriety.

Detox at a Heroin Addiction Treatment Center Houston

One of the primary reasons people relapse is because they try to go through detox on their own. This is uncomfortable and painful, but most of all it can be dangerous. The body is going through many stressful situations that cause withdrawal symptoms some of which are fatal. It’s no longer an acceptable method of detox to quit cold turkey.

When it comes to opiates like heroin, your brain has become highly dependent. The drug attaches to specific receptors in your brain, and the brain gets confused. When the opiates are no longer attaching to receptors in the brain, organs and the nervous system are shocked. This can lead to a variety of different withdrawal symptoms like:

  • Nausea
  • Cold sweats
  • Involuntary shaking of the limbs
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Cramping

At a heroin addiction treatment center that specializes in medical detox, you will not have to worry about the symptoms as much. A qualified treatment center will have a medical staff supervising you at all times. You need medical supervision because the heart is under a lot of stress. The facility will provide you with medications to slow down your heart rate and lower blood pressure.

There are also medications that help trick the brain during this time as well. Medications like Subutex are used to latch onto the opiate receptors in the brain to help lessen the symptoms. Your brain will think that you’re still using, so you won’t have as many harsh withdrawal symptoms. These medications will be tapered off so you can begin working on your personal recovery with our individualized care.

Learning to Cope in A Heroin Addiction Treatment Center

Heroin is only a small piece of the puzzle when it comes to the disease of addiction. Many people could stay clean forever if the only problem was their physical dependence to the drug. The problem is that most people who become addicted have an issue dealing with life. People eventually relapse because they weren’t given the tools to deal with stress, sadness, boredom, loneliness and anger.

When you go to a qualified treatment center, you go through different types of therapy. First, it’s important to find out what started your addiction in the first place. This can involve some intensive one-on-one therapy, but once you find the root of the problem, you can begin healing. Next, you’ll need to look at everyday situations that are fueling your addiction and figure out how to cope.

At Serenity House Detox, we provide you with everything you need to create a strong foundation. Recovery from addiction is a long road, and you will need to know how to navigate it. We’ll help you get started with an our addiction detox programs and learn the best ways to stay sober. Start a new way of living today. Call 866.516.8356.