You can quit heroin, even though it feels impossible to you right now. You fear symptoms of withdrawal and the heroin withdrawal timeline itself. But only five to ten days from the time you enter Houston detox, you leave feeling better than you have in years. Though the process is tough, you can do it.

Your best means of heroin detox is at a licensed detox facility. Supervised detox provides the help and care you need for comfortable withdrawal.

About Heroin Detox

Man in bed holding his back worried about the heroin withdrawal timelineThe heroin withdrawal timeline begins and ends with medical detox. You need medically monitored detox because heroin endangers your life even when you quit. During medical detox, caring professionals watch your health and vital signs to ensure nothing goes wrong.

You also may receive tapering medication to help you get through this difficult process. Tapering drugs allow your body to adjust to not having heroin, instead of going “cold turkey.” This tapering provides greater safety during withdrawal for some people. You also may receive helpful medication management for uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal.

Whether you taper off heroin or the professionals help you through other methods, medical detox is your safest option. You cannot go through this alone. You need others helping you along the way. They also keep you safe from deadly relapse, a condition to which you may have lost friends in the past.

What Causes Heroin Withdrawal?

The heroin withdrawal timeline is full of challenges. These challenges begin when you stop taking heroin. If you have not been using long, your detox might include only minimal symptoms and moderate discomfort. If you used heroin long and hard, your symptoms require close watching by qualified professionals.

Inpatient or residential detox is your safest way out of heroin addiction. Your drug caused this addiction, just like quitting it causes withdrawal. Coming and going, heroin presents your biggest life problem.

Heroin Withdrawal Timeline

A short-acting opioid, heroin quickly takes effect but also quickly leaves your bloodstream. The heroin withdrawal timeline usually starts six to 12 hours after your last heroin dose. Your symptoms grow worse until they peak at two to three days after quitting. Your symptoms taper down after this, lasting a total of five to ten days. The psychological withdrawal symptoms last way longer.

In this withdrawal timeline, your body cleans itself of the drug. The process is very difficult. Few people get through it alone. Too many die each year from an overdose, after relapsing during withdrawal.

Keep yourself safe from heroin withdrawal timeline symptoms and deadly relapse. Seek the help of a Houston medical detox center.

Symptoms of Heroin Withdrawal

Symptoms of heroin withdrawal start quickly after your last dose. These effects range from mild to severe. How you experience heroin withdrawal is unique to you, your drug history, the amount of your dose and your health.

Symptoms of your heroin withdrawal may include:

  • A runny nose, watery eyes, yawning and sweating
  • Dehydration, vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea
  • Anxiety, irritability, and depression
  • Muscle aches, spasms, and bone aches
  • Mood swings, aggression, and agitation
  • High blood pressure and fast heart rate
  • Drug cravings and sleeplessness

Heroin withdrawal includes both mental and physical effects. These effects make medical supervision very important. Your safety and well-being rely on the expert care of detox professionals.

Therapies of Houston Medical Detox for Healthy Heroin Withdrawal

As said before, your healthiest heroin withdrawal requires help from qualified professionals. In Houston, Serenity House Detox provides inpatient detox from heroin and other substances. When you seek an end to your addiction, therapies and other services of Serenity House Detox meet those needs.

Serenity House Detox services and therapies include:

Your comfortable, safe heroin withdrawal timeline brings an end to your addiction. Call Serenity House Detox for the help you need to leave heroin behind for good. Call 866.516.8356 now and connect with people who care about your future.