Sad looking young woman needs to head to a inpatient drug detox center in Houston for her addiction.Substance abuse doesn’t have to be your new normal. You don’t have to live a life of addiction that threatens to spiral out of control at any minute. Our inpatient drug detox center in Houston offers treatment that is relatively quick and pain-free to help recalibrate your life. Best of all, treatment is available to you right now.

Addiction is a Progressive Brain Disease that Requires Treatment

Other progressive diseases like diabetes and asthma don’t have to convince patients they’re really bad. When a physician diagnoses you with one of these, you understand that you need a doctor’s assistance and aggressive treatment. But for some reason, the news is not trickling down quickly enough that addiction, too, is an illness. It responds well to treatment even though there’s no cure for it yet.

The first step to recovery is an inpatient drug detox regimen. In the process, you stop using the substance you currently rely on to get high. Examples might include opioids, alcohol, or stimulants. Medical professionals at Serenity House Detox provide the physiological and psychological safety you need to quit.

What to Expect from Inpatient Drug Detox Center in Houston

Each client receives an individualized treatment plan. The goal is to keep you safe, comfortable, and pain-free while undergoing the detox process. Because withdrawal symptoms range from mild to severe, medical supervision is a must. Your health, the drugs you’ve been using, and the length of time you’ve been abusing determine the possible symptoms you might experience.

Serenity House Detox specialists monitor your vitals to ensure comfort. They step in right away if you suffer from respiratory difficulties or experience increased anxiety or depression. In the same way, they respond to medical emergencies such as psychosis, delirium tremens (DTs), or seizures. Of course, they work hard to prevent these symptoms from occurring in the first place.

During your stay, therapists meet your needs on a number of levels. Because recovery is a physiological, psychological, and spiritual process, inpatient drug detox centers must reflect this reality. For this reason, a therapeutic environment includes:

  • A men’s or women’s detox program, which works with your gender-specific needs and strengths
  • Customized care that ensures you receive the type of attention that your unique needs require
  • Talk therapy helps you remain firm in your desire to quit using by visualizing a drug-free lifestyle
  • Meditation therapy assists you with retaining your focus on wellness and recovery
  • Chiropractic care boosts overall wellness and supports the full functioning of neurotransmitters in the spine

Is it Possible to Detox at Home by Yourself?

Safe detoxification is only practical in a medically supervised setting. For starters, there’s the questionable decision to detox surrounded by drugs, paraphernalia, and easy access to a dealer. But even if these triggers were nowhere near your home, consider the psychological and physiological risks. It’s impossible to determine whether you’ll experience seizures or other dangerous withdrawal symptoms. At home, you have to rely on yourself to get help quickly. Are you sure that you’ll be able to do so?

Another reason why a inpatient drug detox center in Houston beats at-home drug withdrawal hands down is the absence of pain. Some withdrawal symptoms may not be dangerous, but some are painful. Why suffer when you don’t have to? In fact, pain-free detox helps you stay on track and also stay firm in your resolve to stop using altogether.

How to Get Assistance at an Inpatient Drug Detox Center

The process starts with a phone call to Serenity House Detox counselors. These experts talk to you about your options and answer all of your questions. They help you plan for your stay at the facility. These therapists know that patients need help not just during business hours.

For this reason, there’s always someone on duty to answer the phone–even in the middle of the night. Learn more about the reasons why medical assistance for this progressive brain disease of addiction is so crucial. Also, start planning for your drug-free future. When you’re ready to stop using call Serenity House Detox at 866.516.8356 and start your recovery journey at a premier inpatient drug detox center Houston residents trust.