Inpatient Rehab Centers

Two women, one of whom is a medical professional, discussing a inpatient rehab center in Houston as the next step after detox.

There are different levels of care when it comes to addiction treatment and these levels of care can be confusing. If you’ve never been to treatment before, you may be looking at all the names and wondering what’s right for you. It’s important to know what inpatient rehab is compared to other levels of care so you can get the best help possible. There are many people who only have one chance to go to treatment. You want to make the choice that will allow you the greatest chance at recovery.

Anyone who is trying to get sober should always start out by going to a detox program to get through drug or alcohol withdrawal. No matter what substance you were using, you will experience symptoms of withdrawal. A mistake people make is thinking they only need detox, but continuing at a inpatient rehab center in Houston is how you find recovery. Recovery is an ongoing process, but it’s important to set up a strong foundation and learn a new way of living.

Go Straight to an Inpatient Rehab Center in Houston with Detox Programs

Detoxification is the highest level of care, and it’s crucial that you get help through a detox program first. The disease of addiction doesn’t only affect your outward life, but it has drastically affected your health. A drug detox facility will help you get through the initial stages of withdrawal and help you get stable. Without going to a detox facility, your chances of relapse are extremely high. Withdrawal can be harsh and drive you back to your substance of choice.

The symptoms of withdrawal can vary depending on the person, his or her substance, as well as their length of use. What happens is that the body has come to a point where it no longer knows how to function without substances. The result of the substances leaving the body come in a wide range of mental and physical symptoms. There are also symptoms developing inside your body that you may be unaware of. They can be dangerous, too.

Common symptoms of withdrawal:

  • Nausea
  • Aches and pains
  • Hallucinations
  • Anxiety
  • Body tremors

The list goes on and on and some of the symptoms are far too much for a person to handle. The other more severe issues may occur to the heart and other vital organs of the body. Without medical attention, a person can go into cardiac arrest or have seizures. The detoxification process will get you well enough to enter a inpatient rehab center in Houston.

How Drug and Alcohol Detox Works

Before going to an inpatient rehab center in Houston, you’ll get the care that you need to help you have a clear mind and body. First, the facility is going to do a full evaluation to see what symptoms you may have and how best to treat them. With addiction medicine, the detox facility can help minimize these symptoms greatly, which makes it easier. Having these medications helps you get through the process safely and comfortably.

Those who struggle with an opioid addiction may take medications which help to trick the brain. The reason the symptoms of opiate withdrawal happen is because the brain is searching for the drug. There are receptors that no longer have opiates occupying the space, so the receptors misfire. Detox medications occupy this space without becoming addictive, which calms down withdrawal symptoms.

Going to a Inpatient Rehab Center in Houston

Addiction is a very serious mental illness, and it takes much more to recover than just losing the chemical dependency. Throughout a person’s addiction to drugs or alcohol, his or her behaviors have changed greatly. Addiction affects a part of the brain responsible for survival, which is why people change so drastically. Every move a person makes in his or her addiction is selfish and self-centered because the brain thinks it needs the drug or alcohol in order for the body to survive.

What many people don’t realize is that these behaviors are still present even after they get sober. These behaviors are what lead back to the drugs and alcohol, so you must address them. At an inpatient rehab center Houston residents trust, you’ll learn about the causes and conditions of your addiction and how to begin healing. Through various types of therapies, you’ll learn how to manage cravings, fix relationships and live a better life.

Your journey begins at Serenity House Detox where we’ll provide you with individual therapy for detox and provide assistance toward inpatient rehab. We can help. The number is 866.516.8356.