Serenity House Detox Houston is your first step on the road to recovery from a drinking problem. You know that you’re in dire need of help from therapists at an inpatient alcohol rehab center. However, before you can enroll in the inpatient alcohol rehab Houston trusts, you need to quit drinking. Detoxification makes it possible.

How Detox Prepares You for the Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Houston Can Count On

man with his arms crossed talking to a therapist at an inpatient alcohol rehab houstonAn inpatient alcohol rehab program helps you deal with psychological addiction. There, therapists guide you along a path that lets you understand why you began drinking. You uncover dysfunctional coping strategies that might have led to alcohol abuse. Similarly, you may find out that you had difficulties dealing with stress in healthy ways.

The medical alcohol detox center Houston locals turn to when they want to quit drinking starts the recovery process. Stopping a drinking problem in its tracks is difficult. Because the drug’s a nervous system depressant, your brain tries to counteract the sedative effects. When you decide not to drink any longer, your brain’s actions and the nervous system’s sudden reawakening coincide.

This might result in unpleasant and potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Cases in point are seizures, blood pressure spikes, and the possibility of delirium tremens. Therefore, detox must come before any inpatient alcohol rehab Houston might offer.

Typical treatments include:

  • Medical monitoring of your vitals throughout the withdrawal process to ensure safety and no sudden spikes in heart rate
  • Medication assisted treatment that minimizes sensations of discomfort before entering the inpatient alcohol rehab center Houston TX counts on
  • Group therapy, which gives you the opportunity to express yourself as you stop drinking and begin facing life sober
  • Chiropractic care, which you might continue at an inpatient alcohol rehab center, to support unimpeded nerve impulse flow
  • Individual therapy that focuses on recovery planning and relapse prevention training along with addiction education

Why Can’t I Detox at Home or at the Rehab Facility?

The typical inpatient alcohol rehab center Houston TX residents turn to doesn’t offer detox. It’s a medical specialty that doesn’t fit into many treatment models. Because rehab’s primarily clinical care, most facilities expect you to be off the alcohol before you can check in. Most importantly, an inpatient alcohol rehab program won’t accept you unless you overcame physical dependency.

At home, cold turkey detox isn’t a good option when preparing for the inpatient alcohol rehab Houston locals go to. Almost all people who’ve tried ended up failing. Besides that, there are withdrawal symptoms that could be dangerous. If seizures were to occur, you need trained medical professionals to intervene right away.

The same is true for delirium tremens. It constitutes a medical emergency with a specific care protocol. You may not be able to call for help if things go wrong during an at-home detox attempt. Therefore, it’s much safer to go to a facility where all the protocols are in place.

You do so before moving to the inpatient alcohol rehab center Houston TX locals go to.

Next, there is the comfort factor. You don’t have to suffer pain and discomfort during your detox. Before you check into an inpatient alcohol rehab Houston counts on, detox in comfort. It helps you shift your focus and readies you for participation in an inpatient alcohol rehab program.

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Serenity House Detox Houston prepares you for a smooth transition to an inpatient alcohol rehab center. You’ll be ready to proceed with your recovery efforts. At an inpatient alcohol rehab Houston locals can trust, you overcome the psychological dependency. Contact us at 8665168356 today to begin healing.