Loved ones are asking you to consider checking in an inpatient drug rehab center. You tell them that you’re pretty sure you’re okay. In reality, you’re afraid of entering an inpatient drug rehab Houston TX locals turn to. That’s because you know that you have to do detox first, and you worry about withdrawal symptoms.

The Connection between Residential Detox and the Inpatient Drug Rehab Houston TX Residents Go To

woman talking to male doctor in an inpatient drug rehab houston txBoth treatment approaches are residential. At the Serenity House medical drug detox center Houston TX relies on, you undergo medical care. At the subsequent inpatient drug rehab program, there’s clinical care. One setup helps you break the physiological addiction while the other one assists with the psychological dependency.

Few people worry about what happens at the rehab center. They know that it typically focuses on talk therapy. However, did you know that enrolling at the Serenity House Detox Houston could include some of these modalities, too? Here’s why the detox experience sets you up for success at the inpatient drug rehab center Houston locals trust.

What Happens Inside Drug Detox?

You fear the pain of withdrawal. If you struggle with opioids, benzos, or stimulants, there can be painful withdrawal symptoms. That’s why you don’t want to try to detox by yourself at home. Rather, do so at a facility that focuses on comfort and safety.

Whereas the inpatient drug rehab Houston TX relies on works on overcoming your perception of need, detox ends acute withdrawal. Within a short week, you can overcome your body’s belief that it needs the drugs to live. Examples of care approaches include:

One of the most important aspects is the medical supervision of the withdrawal process. Because the goal’s to keep you pain-free, medication becomes part of the treatment. There are prescriptions to curtail physical discomfort as well as those that focus on managing cravings. Depending on the inpatient drug rehab program you select, you might receive medication for post-acute withdrawal.

Some detox clients choose to move to an inpatient drug rehab center Houston selects because of its holistic approach. Because you no longer wake up to withdrawal symptoms, you have an easier time thinking clearly. Therefore, you can make an informed choice when it comes to selecting the right inpatient drug rehab center. If you do not yet have a facility in mind, your Serenity House Detox Houston therapist might suggest one.

Transitioning to an Inpatient Drug Rehab Houston TX Trusts

Almost all detox graduates move on to an inpatient drug rehab program. Even though you feel fine after detox, you still need to work on trigger responses. Don’t let the sudden freedom fool you into thinking you don’t need additional care. Furthermore, an inpatient drug rehab center Houston relies on is the safest way to continue long-term recovery.

Now that you know that detox is nothing to fear, don’t you owe it to yourself to enroll in the program? It’s a necessity before entering a good-quality inpatient drug rehab center. Most importantly, it prepares you for the treatments that you undergo at the inpatient drug rehab Houston TX locals visit. Call Serenity House Detox Houston at 8665168356 today to learn more.