The inpatient heroin rehab Houston locals go to told you to detox first. You had no idea this wasn’t part of the treatment there. Because you recognize the importance of enrolling at the inpatient heroin rehab center Houston TX trusts, you’re willing to comply. Before you consider dealing with the dreaded dope sickness yourself, find out how Serenity House Detox Houston could help you.

Don’t Face Heroin Withdrawal Cold Turkey at Home

doctor telling a woman about inpatient heroin rehab center houstonDid you know that many heroin users continue to use the drug because they fear the withdrawal symptoms? Before they can sign up at an inpatient heroin rehab Houston counts on, they have to break the physical dependency. Therefore, they sit at home, white-knuckling it through the symptoms. The first eight to 24 hours after the last fix aren’t too bad.

You’re dealing with beginning muscle pains and insomnia. Even though you’re yawning a lot, you’re not sleeping. Besides that, you sweat and keep wiping a runny nose. You’re starting to snap at people around you, which isn’t a good fit for an inpatient heroin rehab center.

These are twinges of the dope sickness. However, days two and three are tough and wouldn’t work with programs at an inpatient heroin rehab Houston counts on. The severe gastrointestinal upset could lead to dehydration and subsequent organ damage. Muscle cramps make it challenging to get comfortable.

Almost all people attempting at-home withdrawal consider using heroin again. Some do, which can result in overdoses. Others make it through to the end. However, they’re no longer in the mood to go to an inpatient heroin rehab center.

The Alternative to At-Home Withdrawal

Serenity House is an inpatient heroin detox center Houston residents go to before withdrawal gets bad. You safely and painlessly ready yourself for participation in an inpatient heroin rehab program. At the detox center, you overcome physiological dependency. But you do it without the pain.

Therapists at the facility typically use medication-assisted treatment. This refers to the use of prescription medications to ease pain and cravings. You no longer feel the strong urge to use. Most importantly, you can focus on enrolling in the inpatient heroin rehab Houston trusts.

How Detox Readies You for Participation in Inpatient Heroin Rehab Houston Can Rely On

Of course, there’s a lot more to detox than overcoming the physical addiction. Although this is the goal, there are other advantages to choosing this method for withdrawal management. For starters, the residential treatment model prepares you for an inpatient heroin rehab program. You become familiar and comfortable with living at a good-quality care facility.

Next, therapists use various modalities to prepare you for clinical treatment at an inpatient heroin rehab center Houston TX trusts. They do so with an extensive care protocol. Options might include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy that helps you see connections between heroin abuse and missing coping skills
  • Addiction education in a group setting that gets you ready for group therapy at the inpatient heroin rehab center
  • Meditation for stress relief and full-body relaxation
  • Individual therapy to talk through goals and prepare for the move to an inpatient heroin rehab program
  • Customized care approaches that empower you to overcome heroin withdrawal in about a week

Benefit from an Inpatient Heroin Rehab Center in Houston

Therapists at Serenity House Detox Houston support your decision to enter an inpatient heroin rehab Houston trusts. They’ll prepare you for the clinical treatment you receive there. Similarly, they can assist you with locating the best inpatient heroin rehab center Houston TX locals go to. Call 8665168356 today to connect with an intake advisor.