In recent years, there have been many states that have made the use of medical marijuana legal. Although there are studies that show how this all-natural drug can help with certain illnesses, you can also develop a dependence. There are often debates about whether marijuana is an addictive substance or not, but marijuana withdrawal is possible. It’s important to understand that withdrawal can happen from just about anything that the mind or body becomes dependent on. Just because marijuana may be legal does not mean you won’t go through marijuana withdrawal with overuse.

Understanding Dependence and Marijuana Withdrawal

Taking medical marijuana can still lead to marijuana withdrawal symptoms.The human brain is the most evolved brain of any species on earth, and what separates us from other species is our prefrontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex of the brain is larger than any other species, and this thinking part of our brain that gives us an evolutionary edge. There are many other parts of the brain, and our most primitive parts aren’t much different than that of very simple creatures. In fact, we have the same learning process as the sea slug, which has the most basic brain we know of.
Our primitive brain is set up with context-dependent memory, and this is something that helps us survive. The three steps in this memory process include:

  • Trigger
  • Behavior
  • Reward

This is an important aspect of our learning process because it allows us to remember where to find the “reward.” The issue is that with any repeated action, this gets laid down deeper into our memory, and our brain craves certain rewards. This is what happens when marijuana is used as a substance to treat an illness.

Prescription Marijuana Does Not Preclude Withdrawal Symptoms

Much like with any other medication, you can abuse marijuana even if you have a prescription. Even without a prescription, using marijuana every time you’re in pain or have other symptoms makes your brain dependent. The brain relates using marijuana to a specific trigger, and if marijuana isn’t available, you can have marijuana withdrawal. The brain is craving that you engage in specific action, and when you cannot or do not, the withdrawal symptoms can occur.

It’s important to understand that the substance is irrelevant. In modern times, you’ll see people who go through withdrawal from not being able to use their smartphones. This happens for the exact same reason because many of us have become so dependent on smartphones. For example, when someone forgets his or her phone at home, they can experience symptoms of anxiety.

The Symptoms of Marijuana Withdrawal

Unlike other substances like alcohol or opiates, the symptoms of marijuana withdrawal aren’t physical. While you won’t experience many aches and pains or nausea, the psychological symptoms of withdrawal from a substance can be worse. When your mind or brain is craving marijuana, you’ll most likely experience symptoms like the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability

These symptoms happen because your mind is craving marijuana but can’t get any. This can make your life unmanageable, and Serenity House Detox can help.

Overcoming Marijuana Withdrawal

Serenity House Detox specializes in helping people who have a dependence on alcohol or drugs. If you’ve reached a point where marijuana is no longer helping you, but you’ve become dependent and it’s hurting you, let us help. We are a high-quality detox facility. Our professional staff knows how to best treat the symptoms of withdrawal. You’ll receive the individualized care that you need to ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible throughout the process.

Our facility is located in Houston, Texas, and we offer a wide range of additional services. While you’re at Serenity House Detox, you’ll also receive education on how to overcome your addiction and be prepared for rehab. Call us today at 866.516.8356 for more information about how we can help.