Alcohol addiction is a serious and debilitating illness. Getting sober and staying sober is about takes more than just committing to recovery or making a choice to break free from addiction. It takes professional support, and a medical alcohol detox center is often the best course of action. Serenity House Detox in Houston can help clients pave their way to lifelong health and recovery.

The Health Risks of a Solo Detox

medical alcohol detox center houstonAttending a medical alcohol detox center Houston offers is the first step on the road to recovery. The alternative is dealing with detox on your own, which is never a good idea. Detoxing from alcohol comes with many side effects known as withdrawal symptoms that you will likely experience in a alcohol addiction treatment center in Houston. Since these can be severe, no one should have to face them alone.

During a typical detox from alcohol, some of the alcohol withdrawal symptoms include the following:

  • Vomiting
  • Insomnia
  • Extreme dehydration
  • Hallucinations
  • Seizures

It is critical that if these symptoms appear during your detox, that you’re not on your own. Medical supervision means these withdrawal symptoms can get attention and treatment right away. Attempting to detox solo, on the other hand, means the greater danger of health risks and a lot more discomfort.

Getting Professional Support Through Withdrawal

At a medical alcohol detox center, you can expect professional support as you work your way through the detox process. From a medical perspective, that starts with treatment that addresses any severe withdrawal symptoms. Whether you need an IV to combat dehydration or resources to reduce pain, medical professionals help.

Beyond that, a medical alcohol detox center is the right place to get emotional support. Confronting an alcohol addiction is a serious step in life, and some of the side effects of withdrawal aren’t physiological. Plenty of clients worry about the future, get depressed, feel paranoid or have anxiety. Staff at the best medical alcohol detox center Houston provides are able to help clients through these internal struggles and provide comfort when it is needed.

Why Detox Matters

There are still some people who wonder whether a detox is truly necessary. If you look at the alternatives, however, it becomes clear that detox is a necessity if you’re serious about ending an alcohol addiction. You just can’t move on to the next stage of recovery until you’re completely sober, and that requires a total detox.

Without a formal detox program, clients may decide to skip withdrawal and instead aim for moderation. If you’re addicted to alcohol, however, there is no such thing as moderate alcohol consumption. One drink can become many, and you can end up right back where you started.

Detox is the critical first step toward sobriety because it addresses the chemical dependence your body and your brain have on alcohol. Once that is targeted, then you can start to change your environment and your behavior to stay away from alcohol for good.

The Alcohol Detox Timeline

Serenity House is one of the best alcohol detox center Houston options. Each client is treated as an individual, which means that treatment is never one-size-fits-all. Nonetheless, many clients will follow a similar timeline in a medical alcohol detox center.

Typically, clients start to experience withdrawal symptoms about six to nine hours after their last drink of alcohol. Symptoms may be severe about 24 hours into detox and then peak at 72 hours. Fortunately, most clients see their symptoms disappear altogether by the sixth or seventh day of withdrawal.

What to Expect at a Medical Alcohol Detox Center Like Serenity House

If you’re looking for the best medical alcohol detox center Houston has to offer, Serenity House Detox fits the bill. Clients can expect 24/7 support and plenty of resources as they work toward lifelong sobriety. There are many different strategies and treatments available, and just some of the most effective include the following:

A medical alcohol detox center is the right choice if you’re serious about sobriety. At Serenity House Detox in Houston, Texas, you’ll have access to the treatment and support you need to get sober. Start living the life you deserve and call 866.516.8356 today.