For many people, going through withdrawal is a harrowing experience. It is fraught with pain, discomfort and some danger. Places like Serenity House Detox offer a medical drug detox center. Many times, the success of recovery depends on the quality and nature of the treatment someone gets. If the patient has an opportunity to go through withdrawal with few to no issues, it prompts a better treatment process.

Why a Medical Drug Detox Center?

medical drug detox center houstonWe live in a world where people abuse dangerous and addictive substances like cocaine, heroin, and fentanyl. The country’s painkiller addiction epidemic is genuine and often results from people abusing their prescriptions. Unfortunately, there’s a nasty little thing experts call withdrawal that comes with quitting an addiction. Of course, it usually begins with any attempt the addicted person might make to stop abusing their drug of choice.

Through our experiences at our medical drug detox center Houston, we know how dangerous withdrawal symptoms can be. As a prime example, we offer this short list of opiate withdrawal symptoms:

  • Issues with the respiratory and circulatory systems
  • Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea
  • Psychological effects like depression, anxiety
  • Hallucinations and nightmare
  • Tremors and convulsions
  • Severe stomach cramping
  • Muscle cramping in the extremities

At times, some of these symptoms can be profound and dangerous, putting the individual’s long-term health at risk. In too many cases, a medical drug detox center is the only place the addiction sufferer can stay safe while detoxing.

About Medical Detox Programs

After a patient enters a medical drug detox center, a clinician will decide on the course of treatment. When a significant addiction is evident, the diagnosis will usually lead to a medically-monitored detox program. When that happens, there are actually two kinds of medical detox programs available.

The first program is a standard medically-monitored program. A Valium detox center Houston would use this type of program a majority of the time. The process is rather straightforward. While under the care of professional medical staff, the patient will undertake the withdrawal process as naturally as possible. Also, if the patient shows any signs of distress, a facility doctor might decide to prescribe some type of relief medication. As long as the patient shows good progress under safe conditions, the process should last 5-7 days.

When a patient enters a medical drug detox center with a severe addiction, the clinician might prescribe a more radical program. This alternative type of medication detox involves tapering drugs. At our medical drug detox center Houston, we will use this type of program for heroin or fentanyl addiction. The whole premise of a tapering program is for a doctor to prescribe a tapering drug like Suboxone or Methadone.

While taking one of these medications, the patient goes slowly through the withdrawal process. As time passes, the medical staff will start decreasing the doses of tapering medications until the patient safely clears withdrawal. At the end of the process, a successful detox program should set the patient up to handle counseling and therapy during rehab.

A Top Medical Drug Detox Center Houston–Serenity House

As long as people abuse addictive substances, Serenity House Detox will stay on the cutting edge of detox treatment. We feel the key to our success is our willingness to customize treatment programs for our patients. In most cases, that’s generally the only tool we have to get patients moving towards recovery. Our list of services includes:

When it comes time to fight your addiction, you need to know you have the resources you need. Before you start counseling, you’ll want to address any withdrawal symptoms. That’s where a top medical drug detox center makes a real difference. At Serenity House Detox in Houston, we will do what it takes to get your ready for a lasting recovery. Finally, for more information, you can call us at 866.516.8356.