Our detox program for men at Serenity House Detox Houston can provide the gender-specific treatment some men need to heal and recover from drug or alcohol abuse. Often men struggling with addiction wonder where to start their journey. It can be daunting trying to figure out what treatment program or facility can provide the best support. While there are many recovery resources, not all of them offer gender-responsive treatment. Serenity House Detox Houston offers a specialized men’s detox program. In our program, men can address issues specific to their experience of their gender and with peers going through similar struggles with substance abuse and looking to recover.

three individuals in mens detox programWhy a Men’s Detox Program Works

Men and women can face different issues as they begin their recovery. Whether they struggle to live up to societal stereotypes, have specific medical issues, or need to address underlying trauma, our staff understands. We offer a safe, compassionate environment for men as they take the first steps toward addiction recovery.

In a gender-specific treatment program for men, individuals can work through the gendered stressors that may have contributed to their drug or alcohol abuse. Cultural expectations can put inordinate pressures upon men to perform. When men fail to meet these standards, they can become depressed, anxious, or violent. Sometimes men turn to drugs or alcohol to escape the pressures they are facing only to develop a substance use disorder. Similarly, society views men drinking and using drugs differently than it does women doing the same. This can cause many men to discover late that they have an alcohol abuse problem or have been using drugs as a means of avoiding facing underlying mental health issues. A specialized men’s detox program allows men who need gendered care to build a foundation for lifelong recovery.

Addictions Treated During Our Men’s Detox Program

Each substance has unique withdrawal symptoms, requiring different ways for our staff to mitigate discomfort. For instance, alcohol detox involves addressing a myriad of physical withdrawal symptoms. On the other hand, a cocaine detox may involve some physical discomfort, but psychological effects are more pronounced. Therefore, we offer several detox programs to provide clients with the support they need to get clean. Each of our detox programs is medically supervised, ensuring that any complications that may arise from detox (heart issues or blood pressure issues, for example) can be immediately addressed.

A secure and safe detox location allows for individuals to work through the specific withdrawal symptoms they are experiencing without worry. Professionals at Serenity House Detox Houston are experienced in treating a myriad of substance addictions. Our men’s Houston drug detox program offers treatment for the following substances:

No matter the addiction, our staff provides 24/7 support as they track you or your loved one’s health, nutrition, and mental stability. In some cases, we can even administer medication responsibly to ensure the most comfortable process possible.

A Place for Men to Begin Recovery

While our men’s detox program is only the first step in a lifelong recovery process, it’s perhaps the most important one. We’re a joint commission facility, meaning we exceed industry standards in patient care and satisfaction. This also makes it easier to use your insurance for treatment, as healthcare providers prefer to work with accredited facilities. Once our compassionate staff rids you or your loved one’s body of those debilitating substances, we facilitate a transition into a highly-qualified rehab facility.

Discover the safest mens detox program and start an addiction-free life. Call Serenity House Detox Houston today at 866.516.8356.