Men and women in our society face equal but different challenges. In the case of men, there’s still this expectation that a man will be strong and in control. The reality is men are just as vulnerable as women to difficulties in life. For example, it should be clear by now that alcohol addiction is an equal opportunity disease. However, the stigmas that come with alcohol addiction affect the genders differently. That’s why some rehab facilities offer a mens alcohol detox center to help men start on the road to recovery.

Why Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment Programs Are Beneficial

mens alcohol detox center HoustonIn general, both genders face a particular kind of scrutiny when it comes to drug addiction or alcoholism. For women, this scrutiny comes in the form of questioning their morals. If a woman has an addiction, she must be an immoral person prone to illicit behaviors. Unfortunately, that view still exists even though society views women as equals.

For men, the challenges are very different. As indicated above, men are supposed to be able to maintain control over themselves. After all, society still expects them to be breadwinners and often leaders in the community. With any chinks in that armor, people presume the man is weak and unworthy of the respect he might otherwise deserve.

Of course, these outdated perspectives hold no place in reality. The bottom line is both genders are far more likely to succeed with addiction treatment if the right treatment option is available. Some folks are fine in a coed environment. However, there are some who might feel uncomfortable and uneasy revealing their inner-most issues in mixed-company. That’s why a mens alcohol detox center should be available.

The Benefits of Detoxing in a Mens Alcohol Detox Center

All over the country, addiction treatment groups are coming to the realization that gender-specific treatment programs are beneficial. In areas like Houston, facilities like Serenity House Detox strive to offer the best mens alcohol detox center Houston has available. We do that because we care.

We also do it because it gives our men patients a safe place to focus on detox. On its own, going through the detox process is a challenge. The fewer obstacles someone finds in the way, the easier the process becomes. With direct benefits in mind, here are a few benefits a man can expect to experience in a mens alcohol detox center. They can:

  • Openly express fears and emotions without facing scrutiny from women
  • Commisserate with other alcoholism sufferers who have similar experiences and concerns – bonding and building
  • support groups
  • Avoid possible sexual tension around the opposite sex while focusing on getting through detox
  • Enjoy an atmosphere that is especially comforting to males
  • Address other men-only health and personal issues that fall outside of the addiction realm

As anyone can see, these benefits make it worthwhile for us to offer a mens alcohol detox center Houston.

Serenity House Detox – Mens Alcohol Detox Center Houston

Our role as a top detox center is to make sure we do everything we can to help patients get through detox. If that means offering exercise therapy during detox, we will do it. Other than our mens alcohol detox center, we offer these other services:

At the end of the day, we want men to feel comfortable coming to Serenity House Detox in Houston for treatment. If that means offering a mens alcohol detox center, we are proud to do just that. We strive to do what is necessary to become part of the solution to alcoholism. For more information about our facility and services, call today at 866.516.8356.