Men struggle with substance abuse problems more frequently than women do. Society perpetuates an image of men that calls for stoicism, strength, and the ability to carry on unassisted. As a result, some men may not seek help. For those who do, a men’s rehab center in Houston offers an excellent option.

Two men happy to be getting sober in a mens rehab center HoustonIt’s True–Men Need Help

Data compiled by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration paints a grim picture. Approximately 10.7 percent of males over the age of 12 report dependence on a substance. For women, this figure sits at about 5.7 percent. Alcohol plays a pivotal role in drug abuse.

About 32.6 percent of men report binge drinking. Cocaine use makes up 0.8 percent while marijuana use is up to 10.9 percent. Experts believe that about 3.6 percent of men present with a co-occurring mental illness alongside a drug or alcohol addiction.

Why Choose A Men’s Rehab Center vs. a Co-Ed Facility

At a men’s rehab center in Houston, therapists understand that drug use affects men in different ways than it does women. As a result, the programs target the areas in a man’s character, psyche, and cultural understanding that need healing. While some centers have gone so far as to eliminate the presence of the opposite sex altogether, it’s not necessary. Instead, gender separation, as well as single-sex core therapeutic settings, lead to the success of the modalities.

This separation starts with detox. It’s a common misconception that detox is more or less a spa environment where you wait out the withdrawal symptoms. On the contrary, detox offers you the opportunity to confront trigger responses head on. Because many of them are gender-specific, it makes sense to begin any men’s rehab center at this level of care.

Examples of treatments include:

  • Medical detox gears its treatments toward your individual needs for care, monitoring, and comfort
  • Male-centered withdrawal treatment allows men to be honest about pain, feelings, and uncertainties without fear of shame
  • Chiropractic care works on the body and focuses on comfort as well as the opportunity to avoid neurotransmitter interruptions
  • Meditation therapy allows men to focus on healing and recovery without feeling silly in front of women for doing so
  • Talk therapy with an expert specializing in the field of addiction treatment helps you to get to the underlying issues

Men Can Open Up in Men Only Programs

In a co-ed setting, there’s always the fear that some topics are taboo. Examples include anger management problems and control issues. Because men do not want women to judge them, they might not bring up these feelings. As a result, it’s easy for a man to jeopardize his ability to heal.

A men’s detox program prepares him for a stay at a men’s rehab center in Houston after breaking the physiological dependence. For this reason, getting off to a good start is vital. A man should be able to lay a good foundation during this crucial time of physical detoxification. If he fails to do so, it can make rehab so much harder.

Avoiding this conundrum is easier with gender-specific detox and rehab. The therapeutic setting gears its curriculum to the emotional needs of the participants. By the way, taking away the social contact with women in this situation also cuts down on distractions. It’s much easier to focus on recovery when one doesn’t have to project a socially acceptable male persona.

Do You Need a Men’s Rehab Center in Houston TX?

Are you noticing that your alcohol consumption is out of control? Maybe you’ve been taking drugs–prescriptions or street drugs–and you’ve come to realize that you can’t quit. Whenever you attempt to stop using, you suffer from withdrawal symptoms. You’re not sure what to do or how to get off the drugs.

Maybe you have a loved one who wants to stop using drugs. However, you know that stopping cold turkey at home is dangerous. You want to help him get the best detox. Doing so puts him in the right frame of mind to attend a rehab facility afterward.

The therapists at Serenity House Detox can help. These professionals routinely work with men who need assistance to quit using drugs or alcohol. Call 866.516.8356 to find out how.