Opioid addiction doesn’t go away on its own. At a methadone drug detox center, you work with therapists who customize treatment for you. Therefore, you have a good chance of overcoming a physiological dependency. Here’s how enrolling at the methadone drug detox center Houston trusts can change your life.

Who Needs to Enroll at a Methadone Drug Detox Center?

woman smiling while talking to therapist at a methadone detox center in houstonSerenity House Detox Houston routinely works with clients who previously underwent an outpatient opioid detox. Many received methadone as a replacement treatment. Because there wasn’t a lot of supervision, they might have begun abusing the drug. It resulted in a new opioid addiction.

Another set of clients began abusing methadone because they received it from a friend. They liked how it made them feel. Therefore, they pursued the drug. Eventually, it created a dependency.

At the methadone drug detox center, Houston can count on, it doesn’t matter how you started the substance abuse. What matters is that you want to quit using. Therefore, check into Serenity House Detox Houston. There, you speak to intake advisors who help determine the best methadone detox program for your needs.

Customization of a Care Protocol Supports Drug Withdrawal Success

One size never fits all in addiction recovery. Each substance abuse problem’s different. Similarly, every client has unique needs and preferences. That’s why each methadone detox program varies.

Examples include

  • Medication assisted treatment that minimizes the pain from methadone withdrawal
  • Psychotherapy at the methadone drug detox center that helps you talk through substance abuse development
  • Group therapy participation for addiction education and social skills development at the detox level
  • Chiropractic care, which focuses on the elimination of physical pain through a proper spine alignment
  • Individual therapy as a way to come to terms with your chemical dependency and find hope in recovery

The care protocol also includes family therapy. Even though you only spend about a week at the center, family support is huge. It can make a significant difference in the way you pursue recovery. Frequently, loved ones don’t realize what you struggle with.

They might not know that you enrolled at a methadone drug detox center. Some believe that you signed up for a women or mens alcohol detox center Houston TX advertises. Maybe you distanced yourself from others. The goal of family therapy is to bridge past hurts.

It reestablishes connections; in the process, loved ones visit you at the methadone drug detox center. They learn about your needs. Besides that, they find out how they can help you. Most importantly, they understand how not to enable your substance abuse in the future.

When you graduate from the methadone detox program Serenity House Detox Houston offers, they’ll be there to assist you. At a rehab center, family counseling will be more in-depth. Similarly, it’ll allow them to heal.

How to Enroll in Detox

You’ve decided that it’s time to quit abusing methadone. Because you’ve tried to quit using in the past, you know that you can’t stop on your own. You need the assistance of therapists who’ll guide you through the process. Most importantly, they’ll help you with the physical dependency that holding’s you back from entering rehab.

Find out how the methadone drug detox center at the Serenity House Houston can make the difference in your recovery. Intake advisors can start the enrollment process right now with an insurance verification. Maybe you still have questions about how a stay at the methadone drug detox center Houston trusts might work. Call Serenity House Detox Houston at 8665168356 now to get answers and start the recovery process.