Many prescription pain relievers contain hydrocodone as their main ingredient. However, this semi-synthetic narcotic has a similar structure to heroin. Because of that, it has a high potential for abuse and can lead to addiction when overused. Then, people who develop an addiction must enter a hydrocodone detox program in TX to overcome the drug safely.

Hydrocodone Detox Program

A hydrocodone detox program in TX can take care of a prescription pill addictionWhen people develop dependence or addiction to hydrocodone, their brains rely on the drug. They stop producing certain chemicals on their own, but they need these chemicals to regulate bodily functions. Because of that, they experience withdrawal symptoms when they suddenly try to stop taking the drug. Withdrawal is simply the body’s reaction to not knowing what to do.

The primary purpose of a hydrocodone detox program in TX is to manage the withdrawal process so that people can get clean. The program consists of three phases.

A complete evaluation is the first stage. People who seek treatment must undergo several tests so that doctors can determine the extent of their addiction. The doctors may request blood, oral and urine tests as well as other mental and physical exams. It’s also essential for people to give their doctors honest details about themselves, especially their health and drug histories.

The second phase is to detox. During this period, people receive medical attention to assist them through the withdrawal process. This assistance often includes medication management but may consist of holistic therapies too. The acute phase of withdrawal typically takes at least three days but can last longer for severe addictions.

When people achieve stability, they begin to prepare for further treatment. Houston and Dallas detox centers like to familiarize their patients with individual and group therapy. Relapse prevention services are also essential to help people sustain sobriety during the transition from detox to long-term care.

The Withdrawal Process

Learning more about the withdrawal symptoms and timeline can make people understand why a hydrocodone detox program is necessary. The side effects can manifest within the first two days of stopping drug use. They usually include joint and muscle aches, abdominal cramps, nausea, and sweating.

Over the third to fifth days, however, the above symptoms intensify. Also, diarrhea and vomiting occur as the body eliminates toxins. Shaking can manifest during this peak period as well.

After that, the physical symptoms start to fade as mental side effects develop. Depression, anxiety, and cravings make it hard for people to remain abstinent. They might also feel remorse for their actions while they were high. By the eighth day, most of these symptoms subside.

Although many people experience the above withdrawal effects and timeline, the process is different for everyone. For instance, some people can suffer from symptoms for four weeks or more before they feel normal. There’s no way to predict precisely when specific symptoms will develop. It’s also impossible to know for sure how intense the effects will be.

However, the medical staff for a hydrocodone detox program in TX can estimate these factors. The doctors and nurses consider people’s ages, health, duration of drug use and drug doses to prepare a treatment plan. They can create a program that makes sure that people get through withdrawal safely and as comfortable as possible.

Benefits of a Detox Program

The most significant benefit of a hydrocodone detox program is that it reduces suffering. Even before cravings begin, some people have a hard time getting through the pain that withdrawal causes. A hydrocodone detox program in TX helps them relieve pain and cravings with medication and therapy.

Buprenorphine and clonidine are common detox medicines that relieve anxiety, muscle pain, sweating, and vomiting. Meditation therapy balances people’s mental well-being to help them focus on their recovery goals.

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