OxyContin is a powerful painkiller brand that’s relatively inexpensive. Doctors prescribe it to relieve moderate to severe pain from injuries, surgeries, and cancers. As a semi-synthetic opioid, however, it has similar properties to opium that make it addictive. Getting help at OxyContin addiction treatment centers in TX is the safest way for people with tolerance and addiction to make a recovery.

OxyContin Abuse and Addiction

OxyContin pills may lead to oxycontin addiction treatment centers in txThe active ingredient in OxyContin is oxycodone, and this brand is the pill or controlled-release form of it. With oral use, the drug enters the bloodstream slowly over 12 hours.

In most cases, doctors only prescribe OxyContin for short-term pain management. However, a lot of people abuse it to get high. They often crush the pills and snort the powder or mix the powder with a solution for injections. Taking the drug in these ways intensifies its effects, which produces an intense high.

Some people abuse OxyContin so much that they overdose. Having such unsafe levels of the drug in the body can cause brain damage and stop breathing.

With prolonged OxyContin use, people can develop a tolerance. It makes them need more of the drug to achieve the same effects as with lower doses. Even those who follow their doctor’s prescriptions for use can become dependent on long-term use. Some people might look for other doctors to write more prescriptions or take family members’ prescriptions.

Eventually, OxyContin abuse transitions into addiction. Those who develop the disease often do whatever it takes to obtain more of the drug regardless of the consequences. The reason is that the drug changes the brain so that it doesn’t function normally. At this point, people need OxyContin addiction treatment to overcome the disease.

OxyContin Addiction Treatment

Whether people have a high tolerance, addiction or suffered overdose, help is available. OxyContin addiction treatment centers in TX provide all of the services that they need to recover. The treatment process starts with an assessment to establish the level of care that’s necessary.


The next step and one of the most important is a drug detox. Because of the chemical structure of OxyContin, stopping drug use causes opioid withdrawal. The symptoms that arise are the result of the brain not knowing how to cope without the drugs.

Even in a detox program, people will experience OxyContin withdrawal. However, the detox program will ensure their comfort and safety throughout the process. Withdrawal symptoms can be painful and cause life-threatening complications in some cases. Doctors and nurses can administer medications and use therapies to ease the side effects.

Although the withdrawal process is different for everyone, there is a general timeline. Three to four hours after taking OxyContin, they may begin to feel anxiety and cravings. At eight to 10 hours, these symptoms increase as nausea, stomach aches, sweating, and vomiting also develop.

However, these side effects reach their peak between 24 and 72 hours after the last dose. Many people experience increased blood pressure, insomnia, muscle spasms, body tremors, and diarrhea. After that, the side effects start to fade, but it might take up to six months to feel normal again.


Addiction therapy is also a vital step that OxyContin addiction treatment centers in TX offer. Therapy sessions often begin during detox as soon as people are stable enough to participate. During the meetings, therapists help clients understand and address the cause of their addiction. They also help them develop coping strategies to avoid relapse.

Most of the time, people need to transition into an inpatient rehab center for extensive care. They need plenty of time to learn how to manage addiction before they set out on their own. Research shows that more extended OxyContin addiction treatment corresponds with higher rates of ongoing sobriety.


OxyContin addiction treatment centers in TX also provide aftercare. They could have their own programs such as sober or transitional living, or they could help plan continued treatment. Support groups are also a useful option for aftercare.

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