Pain pills hooked you. However, at the Serenity House painkiller detox center, you can withdraw safely from these drugs. Whether you’re dealing with morphine, OxyContin, or fentanyl, there’s hope. Even though you know this fact, you hesitate to enter the painkiller detox center Houston can trust because of fear. Here’s what goes on behind closed doors.

A Friendly Welcome and an Understanding of What You’re Dealing With

man talking to therapist individually at a painkiller detox center houstonAs you arrive at the painkiller detox center, friendly staff members welcome you to the facility. There’s no judgment. Some clients check in because they took prescriptions drugs for the side effects. Others are at the center because an addiction somehow happened even though they thought they weren’t susceptible.

At our men and womens alcohol detox center Houston TX can trust, we routinely work with opiate addiction. Both drugs are nervous system depressants. Both result in severe withdrawal symptoms when you try to quit. Most importantly, both have potentially dangerous side effects that could derail your rehab efforts.

Therapists understand what you’re up against. They’ve worked tirelessly with others who entered the painkiller detox program. Similarly, they use evidence-based modalities that help you overcome the worse symptoms. These treatments showed good results with others and, therefore, better your odds of recovery.

Beginning the Withdrawal Process after Checking into the Painkiller Detox Center

You’ve settled into your room and made yourself comfortable. You learned about the way treatment was going to work. Now, you begin to feel the first twinges of the withdrawal symptoms. Frequently, these include gastrointestinal upset and anxiety.

Medical professionals now begin monitoring your vitals. They’ll customize the care protocol for your stay at the painkiller detox center Houston relies on. Possible modalities include:

  • Medication assisted treatment that eliminates or reduces pain and discomfort
  • Process group participation as a way to verbalize your feelings, thoughts, fears, and plans
  • Individual therapy that encourages you to make plans for what comes after the painkiller detox program
  • Addiction education, which helps you understand what prescriptions may have a dependency potential in the future
  • Gender-specific therapy as a tool for feeling more comfortable around peers and beginning to trust others
  • Meditation therapy and yoga as a means for relaxing the mind and body at will during times of stress and emotional unrest

Serenity House Detox Houston therapists believe that chiropractic care should be part of the treatment at the painkiller detox center. In addition to fostering a mind and body balance, consider that spinal misalignment has a significant effect on the body. It affects everything from soft tissue discomfort to the brain’s functioning. Therefore, bringing your body into alignment can eliminate some of the pain signals your body sends.

Winding Down Treatment at the Detox Center

Your week is almost up. It’s surprising how quickly you made it through the painkiller detox program. At this point, you made it through the worst of the withdrawal symptoms. You no longer wake up with the overwhelming need to take opiates.

Similarly, you realize that your stay at the painkiller detox center enabled you to think more clearly. You can now decide where to go to receive care for psychological addiction. Although you feel much better, don’t skip this step. It’s essential to learn how to deal with triggers that could tempt you to start using again.

At the Serenity House painkiller detox center, you overcame a physical addiction in a short week. That’s an impressive victory you can build on. Because we operate the painkiller detox center Houston can count on, we accept various insurance plans. Call Serenity House Detox Houston at 8665168356 today to schedule an intake appointment and insurance verification.