Phencyclidine is a mind-altering drug. On the street, you know it as angel dust. At the PCP drug detox center, we know it as the drug that results in withdrawal delays. Here’s how you can get help at our PCP drug detox program.

Don’t Try to Detox at Home Alone

female therapist talking to man in pcp drug detox centerUnlike other drugs, which have withdrawal symptoms that begin within hours after the last dose, angel dust delays signs. It’s not unusual for symptoms to begin a few days after the previous dose. However, these symptoms might then quickly escalate. Examples we have seen within the PCP drug detox program include psychosis, the shakes, and aggression.

That’s why you shouldn’t try to detox at home on your own. Medical professionals and therapists at the PCP drug detox center Houston trusts have the necessary training to assist you. Similarly, they have put extensive care protocols into effect that safeguard your health. Therefore, it makes the most sense to overcome the substance with the assistance of experts in the field.

Here’s What to Expect after Checking into the PCP Drug Detox Center

PCP may remain in your body for about a week. This explains the delay of withdrawal symptoms. When they do come on, they can be potentially dangerous. Examples include headaches, sweating, vomiting, diarrhea, trembling, and convulsions. At the men and womens detox center Houston trusts, we customize a care protocol for you.

Treatments might include:

  • Medication assisted treatment that prevents dehydration and electrolyte imbalances
  • Comfort care for chills or sweating
  • Nutritional support that strengthens the body as it undergoes withdrawal
  • Dual diagnosis treatment for anxiety or depression that might occur at this time
  • Individual therapy, which lets you verbalize what you’re feeling
  • Chiropractic care, which allows your body to regain its natural alignment for overall wellness
  • Family therapy that empowers loved ones to assist you and understand your desire to recover

If you experience severe psychiatric withdrawal symptoms, PCP drug detox center doctors may administer benzodiazepines. They take the edge off the symptoms. Besides that, talk therapy helps to ground you. In severe cases, antipsychotic medication may be necessary for short-term treatment.

After a few days, you begin to feel better. Therapists adjust your care protocol depending on how you feel and how your vitals read. Medical professionals at the PCP drug detox center Houston can rely on understand that customization of treatment is essential. No two withdrawal cases are identical.

What Happens after Detox

You are going to feel a lot better as you near the end of the PCP drug detox center program. Some people might think that they don’t need additional care. That’s not correct. Almost all clients at Serenity House Detox Houston benefit from moving on to rehab.

There, you overcome the psychological addiction to angel dust. Even though the worst is behind you, don’t underestimate the hold that the PCP has on your mind. To prevent relapse, rehab is essential. If you began dual diagnosis treatment at the PCP drug detox center, consider continuing it.

Besides that, rehab facility staff members may continue you on some of the medications you started. Doing so protects against post-acute withdrawal symptoms. However, this isn’t necessary in all cases. Just as care for detox is individualized during treatment at the PCP drug detox center Houston trusts, rehab is, too.

Enrolling at the PCP drug detox center is easy. Serenity House Detox Houston therapists are standing by to answer your questions and make checking in easy. Find out more about the PCP drug detox program today. Call 8665168356 now.