Percocet consists of a combination featuring oxycodone hydrochloride and acetaminophen. These ingredients place the medication under the umbrella of opioids. Drugs of this type are currently at the center of a national debate because of their high addiction potential. If you’re struggling with a dependency right now, you can benefit from a professional Percocet detox center in Houston.

Understanding the Drug Behind the Percocet Label

medical staff person talking to female patient about percocet detoxEach pill contains 325 mg of acetaminophen. Physicians warn that liver damage is a possible outcome of taking too much of this component. The typical cutoff is about 4,000 milligrams. But it can differ depending on your liver’s condition.

What varies is the amount of oxycodone you find in the various types of Percocet. Ranges go from 2.25 mg to 8.96 mg. Physicians may start you on a dose of two tablets containing 2.5 mg of oxycodone hydrochloride and 325 mg acetaminophen. You might take them every six hours or as needed.

You Need a Percocet Detox Center If You Abuse the Painkiller

Opioids affect the way that your body sends pain signals to the brain. They interfere with the sensations. Doing so provides you relief. However, there’s also the dopamine effect.

Sufficiently high doses can result in a dopamine release. It gives you a euphoric high. The painkiller then provides you with relaxation. You feel calm, and the pills take the edge off intrusive thoughts and intense emotions as well as pain.

Not surprisingly, a lot of people keep taking the pills long after their pain goes away. They might lie to a doctor that they still have the pain problem. Some people try to get the pills even though they don’t need prescription painkillers at all. You might visit a variety of doctors to get additional prescriptions.

Why You Need to Get Help

The drug helps you relax. Why should you enter a Percocet detox center in Houston if taking it makes you feel good? You might reason that a prescription is probably safe because a doctor gave it to you. But that’s not always the case.

Just like heroin and morphine, Percocet has a significant overdose risk. With Percocet overdose, your breathing slows down to the point that your body’s oxygen levels drop critically. You slowly drift into unconsciousness. Coma or death is possible if there’s no intervention.

However, there’s another reason why you need to seek help from a medical Percocet detox center in Houston for a opioid addiction treatment. This painkiller, alongside others, is a gateway drug for heroin use. At some point, you’ll realize that heroin is easier to get and cheaper to buy than pain pills. Switching out your drug is the logical next step.

Heroin abuse has a high level of overdose risks. The purity of the product is a significant contributor to this problem. Moreover, there’s a chance that you’ll experience additional health risks. Getting help with a pain pill addiction can prevent this danger of moving on to heroin.

How Detoxification Works

Look for a Percocet detox center in Houston that specializes in medical Percocet treatment. Possible care approaches include:

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