Addicted woman curled in ball may need Suboxone detox center HoustonIn a report released by the University of Texas at Austin, a clear rise in the number of deaths due to opioid abuse can be seen. The largest increase occurred between 2012 and 2014, Texas  hit particularly hard. Many individuals who suffer from addiction to opioids need a Suboxone detox center in Houston in order to get well.

There are many options when it comes to seeking detox for drug addiction. You may choose a wholly holistic route or find that you need medical assistance in order to find sobriety. Whether or not you pursue medical detox, making the decision to seek sobriety can be incredibly difficult. Here’s some more information about how a medical detox can help you or someone you love to get better.

Suboxone Detox Helps You Work Through Withdrawal

Suboxone detox center in Houston offers treatment that utilizes the prescription form of buprenorphine in combination with the drug naloxone to block opioid receptors. There is often no effect when these substances are taken as prescribed other than a reduction in overall withdrawal. In a controlled setting, these substances carry an incredibly low risk of overdose as well.

When Suboxone is not taken as prescribed that it can be dangerous. If an individual has already taken naloxone into their system, injecting Suboxone can cause a severe withdrawal to occur. Thankfully, this does not often occur for individuals in a medical detox setting because they’re under the care of medical professionals.

Suboxone Detox Creates The Opportunity For Recovery

A Suboxone detox center in Houston will often include behavioral recovery techniques that help you tackle the mental aspects of your addiction. Many individuals find that even if their physical dependence and addiction exit, their mental addiction will remain. Behavioral techniques work to help reduce your mental addiction so that you can become a functioning member of society again. Behavioral techniques may include:

  • Motivational Incentives
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
  • Motivational Enhancement Therapy
  • Family Behavioral Therapy

Motivational Enhancement Therapy is particularly helpful for individuals struggling with opioid addiction. This method proves to be effective at increasing treatment retention and promoting abstinence from drugs.

Individuals in treatment get vouchers for producing drug-free urine samples or as they hit other goals. Voucher values increase as more goals are achieved.

Suboxone Detox Centers Can Keep You From Immediately Relapsing

Relapse is a common part of achieving long-term sobriety for many individuals. The chronic nature of addiction means that even the most committed individuals are likely to relapse. There is absolutely no reason to view relapse as a total failure of your treatment program or overall journey to sobriety.

However, a suboxone detox center in Houston can often help you avoid immediate relapse as you’re working to get well. Ensuring that you don’t relapse right away will allow you to build the kind of routine that will keep you away from any harmful triggers that might tempt you to abuse opioid substances again.

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