Addiction is a disease. Any substance abuse treatment center in Houston you seek out must echo this understanding. Because combating an illness requires specialized care, it makes sense to enlist the help of experts in the field. The first step in your treatment is detoxification.

Helping the Body Through Withdrawal

What makes substance abuse treatment so tricky is the fact that drugs attack you on two fronts. On the one side, they weaken your body and create a physical dependence. On the other hand, they rewire your brain and persuade you that you need them to survive and be happy. Combating the disease starts with freeing the body from its dependence on the substance, via detox.

Medically Supervised Detoxification Is The First Start At A Substance Abuse Treatment Center

Two women, one a medical professional, discussing a substance abuse treatment center Houston offers

Because addiction is a life-threatening sickness, it’s not something you can overcome by yourself at home. You wouldn’t think of treating a heart attack at home with plenty of fluids and over-the-counter pain medications. In the same way, you shouldn’t try to go it alone with overcoming a physical dependence on drugs. By enlisting the help of professionals at a medical detox, you better your odds of treatment success.

During an initial intake interview at a substance abuse treatment center in Houston, therapists learn more about your needs and substance abuse details. Because they assist you in treating the illness, they want to get as much information as possible. Next, they customize a treatment protocol that is right only for you based on the facts you disclosed. As you begin the process, these pros use medicine to ease physical discomfort and maintain your vitals at safe levels.

What to Expect During Detox

Is it boring? Do you just sit there all day during your first week at a substance abuse treatment center in Houston? Is there someone to talk to? Because there are so many misconceptions about detox, it makes sense that you’re perhaps apprehensive.

  • No more isolation. Drug use led to self-isolation. Detox allows you to break free. You’re not alone any longer. A team of friendly therapists is at your side to make the physical withdrawal bearable and safe.
  • One-on-one therapy. During the rehab portion of your recovery, you’ll encounter individual counseling and group therapy. For now, one-on-one therapy focuses on keeping you motivated and starting to build up your self-confidence. Yes, you can overcome the hold that the drug has on your body.
  • Client education. This is also a time for learning more about your body and mind. Experts guide you through the detox experience by taking away the fear of the unknown. You understand why you feel nauseous at times and why you’re so tired. You know what to expect, and you recognize the little victories as the drug’s hold on you starts to slip.
  • Gender-responsive treatment. Women’s needs during detox differ from those that men experience. Gender-responsive therapy approaches consider these differences. You talk to folks who “get you.” This is one of the reasons why a medically supervised or specific women’s detox program can be so instrumental in recovery.
  • Evidence-based therapies. Chiropractic care and guided meditation are two treatments that show a lot of promise for people struggling with addictions. Ensuring optimal physical ability to combat cravings, coupled with a mental focus, can lead to success. Being on the cutting edge of treatment approaches is to your advantage. It helps you fight cravings on multiple fronts, just as the drug addiction attacks you in the same way.

Building on This Foundation At A Substance Abuse Treatment Center

It would be great if you could finish up at a substance abuse treatment center in Houston after the one short week. In reality, the time you spend at a drug detox facility prepares you for the next step. With the physical addiction broken, you now need to free your mind from the drug’s grip. Afterward, the final phase of recovery is long-term relapse prevention.

Lifelong sobriety is – quite literally – just a few short weeks down the road. By starting off the withdrawal process in the right setting, you make it possible to break your psychological addiction, too. Get started at a substance abuse treatment center in Houston for a much better life. Call Serenity House Detox at 866.516.8356.