A new female only group experience at a womens rehab center Houston
There used to be a time when a co-ed recovery center was your only option. Therapists have recognized that separating men and women’s rehab centers offer many advantages. Paramount among them is the ability for women to open up without fear of social gender distractions. If you’ve been thinking about entering this a women’s rehab center in Houston, here’s what you need to know.


Addiction Affects Women Differently than Men

There are many distinct differences in the ways men and women suffer from drug addiction. The National Institute on Drug Abuse explains that women are more likely than men to form an addiction to substances. Because they’re also more likely to suffer from intense cravings, their relapse potential is higher. A women’s rehab center in Houston addresses these differences.

This is also the setting to provide the care needed to discuss underlying issues. For example, women may reach for methamphetamines to control weight and gain extra energy for coping with stress. They’re highly likely to use heroin because a partner does so. Women show a higher susceptibility to anxiety and pain disorders, which results in prescriptions for associated drugs.

Over time, many women fall victim to dependence issues with these medications. Alcohol abuse may not be on par with men’s reports of alcohol use disorders, but its results are more damaging. Women’s bodies register more harm from this drug than a man’s body might. Also, women caught up in substance abuse suffer a higher likelihood of victimization in sexual assaults.


How A Women’s Rehab Center in Houston Helps

At a women’s rehab center in Houston, modalities cater to the needs of the clients. Unlike co-ed settings that feature a unisex approach, which leaves out multiple societal triggers, a gender-specific setup doesn’t. It addresses problematic areas in a female’s psyche and allows her to examine behaviors, thoughts, and feelings for destructive patterns. Doing so typically happens during one-on-one therapy but can also take place during group therapy sessions.

It makes sense to start a women’s rehab program during the detox process. Gender-specific treatment at this level factors in fears and concerns that might cause some women to leave the facility early. Examples of modalities include:

  • Talk therapy that helps women reinforce their decision to stop using
  • Meditation therapy helps with providing relaxation needed to disarm stress
  • Medical monitoring protects during withdrawal
  • Program participant education and preparation for attendance at a women’s rehab center after detox
  • Chiropractic care for boosting physical and mental well-being

Why Gender-Specific Treatment Starts at Detox

A women’s detox program is frequently your first introduction to a supportive setting for recovery. Peer pressure or people around you may have prevented you from seeking help in the past. Because it’s such a crucial time of healing, it makes sense to start gender-specific modalities right away. For example, did you know that some co-ed settings inadvertently lead to trigger responses?

If men discuss domestic violence, stalking, anger management problems, and similar feelings and behaviors, victimized women shut down. To help with their healing, men must be able to verbalize these problems. However, doing so doesn’t help many female participants. The only solution is a women’s rehab program treatment setting that allows both sexes the freedom to express themselves.


How to Find Help for Drug Abuse

If you’re currently using drugs and want to stop, detox is the first step on the road to recovery. Maybe you’re a concerned parent of an adult child or know of a friend or family member who needs help. Perhaps you or your loved one has tried rehab before and relapsed since then. There’s hope.

Detox is the time you need to set aside to get rid of the physical addiction to a substance. It lasts between three and ten days, which makes it easy to fit into even the busiest schedule. You don’t have to suffer from a substance abuse problem any longer. The expert addiction therapists at Serenity House Detox Houston want to help you recover.

These experts gladly welcome you to the facility and show you how you can heal there. Call 866.516.8356 today for immediate assistance starting recovery at our Women’s rehab center in Houston.